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Fieldrunners 2

Fieldrunners 2 Achievements

Here is the full list of all 59 Fieldrunners 2 achievements.

  • Grunt Deck

    Reward: Collect the grunt deck for 1,000 coins!

  • Iron Deck

    Reward: Collect the iron deck for 20 rewinds!

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  • Bird Deck

    Reward: Collect the bird deck for 25 freezes!

  • Whirly Deck

    Reward: Collect the whirly deck for 30 mines!

  • Fun Deck

    Reward: Collect the fun deck for 35 spanish flu!

  • Minute Man

    Complete one mission in one minute.

  • First Class

    Earn one million points on one mission.

  • Luxury Suite

    Earn a whopping five million points on one mission.

  • Efficiency is Key

    Defeat 10 rounds in a survival mission with no towers. Items will help.

  • No Slow

    Defeat a survival mission without slow towers.

  • Jumbo Combo

    Defeat 20 units in one combo. Boomshakalaka!

  • Chain Combo

    Chain 20 combos in a row. You're on fire!

  • Mr. Moneybags

    Stockpile $500 in a mission without selling any towers.

  • The Thunder

    Call it down! Unleash airstrike 7 times in one mission.

  • Itemized

    Defeat 10 units at once using one item.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up a S-17 Skywhale

  • Bullseye

    Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up the V2 truck.

  • Link Limbo

    Defeat 10 units, one after another, using a pair of Link Towers.

  • Hardcore Deck

    Reward: Collect the hardcore deck for eternal fame (and 2,000 coins).

  • Bounty Hunter

    Defeat every Elite unit from the original maps. This doesn't include DLC.

  • Tour of Duty

    Play once a week, every week, for 6 months. Yes, we mean it.

  • Day of Victory

    Beat every level in 24 Hours. This doesn't include DLC.

  • Day of Triumph

    Beat every level in 24 Hours. On Heroic. No Restarting. No Failing. No Quitting.

  • Bad Day Blimp

    Defeat 20 Bad Day Blimps. "Let me show you my thumbtack collection."

  • Louie Copter

    Defeat 100 Louie Copters. "Of course it's safe. It's a fuel filled brick. We, however, are in trouble."

  • Huey Copter

    Defeat 250 Huey Copters. "The helicopter has only one weakness. Physics."

  • Wingnut

    Defeat 100 Wingnuts. "We have a perfect flying record. We've never left one up there."

  • S-17 Skywhale

    Defeat 20 S-17 Skywhales. "It's as creaky as a wooden trampoline, but it's still a doomsday machine."

  • Fokker

    Defeat 100 Fokkers. "Yes, that's its real world name."

  • Scrambler

    Defeat 1,000 Scramblers. "Sometimes you're the fly, sometimes you're the windshield."

  • Dirty Hog

    Defeat 1,000 Dirty Hogs. "The road never ends. The ride always does."

  • Sidehacker

    Defeat 1,000 Sidehackers. "Umm… can I borrow your car?"

  • Flying Ace

    Triumph over the Flying Ace. "I'll smoke out the enemy. You smoke me a kipper."

  • Red Baron

    Triumph over the Red Baron. "The English had a splendid joke. They said they were going to stop me!"

  • Hindenburg

    Triumph over the Hindenburg. "Frank, maybe the cabin should be non-smoking."

  • Zeppelin

    Triumph over the Zeppelin. "There is always something you've missed. Hopefully it's the ground."

  • Night Fokker

    Triumph over the Night Fokker. "Fly until the last piece stops moving."

  • Lieutenant Sakai

    Triumph over Lieutenant Sakai. "You can land anywhere once."

  • Legendary Panzer

    Triumph over the Legendary Panzer. "Victory is for the strongest, bravest, and best. Let's shoot for a tie."

  • Legendary Tiger

    Triumph over the Legendary Tiger. "Do unto others as they would do unto you. Just do yours first."

  • Toastmaster

    Defeat 1,000 Toastmasters. "Got any questions about propane or propane accessories?"

  • Stubborn Runner

    Defeat 1,000 Stubborn Runners. "Mamma always said to tell the truth. So I run like I'm crazy."

  • Hazmat

    Defeat 2,000 Hazmats. "No, I will not clean your socks."

  • Super Trooper

    Defeat 2,000 Super Troopers. "I just want to pump you to your full pumptential."

  • The Runner

    Defeat 2,000 of The Runners. "Running is a mental sport. We're all insane."

  • Medic

    Defeat 200 Medics. "Whaddya mean, no overtime?"

  • Momma Tank

    Defeat 250 Momma Tanks. "Happy Boxing Day! We got you explosives!"

  • Baby Tank

    Defeat 300 Baby Tanks. "Somebody in here needs new socks."

  • Heavy Transport

    Defeat 100 Heavy Transports. "You suppose if we took out the ashtray we could fit Frank?"

  • Jammed Jeep

    Defeat 200 Jammed Jeeps. "Just 49 bucks for 4 cylinders, 60 horses, and real Corinthian leather."

  • V2 on a Truck

    Defeat 100 V2s. "The V2 unleashes an unstoppable torrent of fire. So where did we park it?"

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