Evasion achievements


There are 45 Evasion achievements worth 450

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Evasion Achievements

Elite Vanguard10

Unlock all the Trophies in the Game

Try Not to Die10

Completed the Tutorial

Loud & Clear10

Restore Communications

Fly in the Ointment10

Destroy the Nematodes

Push Back10

Secure the Forward Operating Base

Stop the Drilling!10

Take out the Main Drilling Rig

Breathe Easy10

Clear the Atmosphere

Space Prospector10

Find Red-6

Where in the World is Carl Dyson?10

Discover what happened to Dyson


Penetrate the Widow’s Defenses

Get Off My Rock!10

Defeat the Widow


Finish the Campaign

The Whole Arsenal10

Use your Charge Shot, Tether Lash, and Surge Attack (Investigate Faro Colony)

Two Minute Drill10

Destroy both infected rigs in under two minutes (Disrupt the Optera)


Kill both "Wasps from Hell!!" within 20 seconds of each (Break the Silence)

Wrecking Crew10

Destroy the Drilling Rig within three minutes (Rescue the Colonists)

Megaton Drop10

Destroy the Megatoma with a Tether Lash (Clear the Air)

Sticky Fingers10

Carry Red-6 to the landing zone without dropping it (Find Red-6)


Set off every explosive plate while completing the mission (Infiltrate Crater Town)

Full Bars10

Disable the Widow's shields without leaving the proximity spheres (Disable Widow Shield)

Feel the Surge10

Use your Surge Attack four times when fighting the Widow (Hunt Down the Widow)

Float like a Butterfly10

Defeat one Dauber

Sting like a Bee10

Defeat a second Dauber

Evil Beetle10

Defeat a Rhino

Mega Trouble10

Defeat a Megatoma

Two Steps from Hell10

Take 664 steps

Scrap Heap10

Destroy 100,000 Optera

Prime Time10

Destroy 1,000 Prime Units

Putting the 'Bullet' in Bullet Hell10

Discharge your blaster 100,000 times

Higinbotham Would be Impressed10

Deflect 10,000 attacks

Lash Out10

Deploy your Tether Lash 1,000 times

Put it on my Charge Card10

Fire 10,000 Charge shots

Walking Tank10

Play a Mission as the Warden

Bombs Away!10

Use the Warden's Surge Attack 50 Times

The Doctor is In10

Play a mission as the Surgeon

Invasive Procedures10

Use the Surgeon's Surge Attack 50 Times

First Strike10

Play a mission as the Striker

Locked On10

Use the Striker's Surge Attack 50 Times


Play a Mission as the Engineer

Bug Zapper10

Use the Engineer's Surge Attack 50 Times

All Quiet on the Southern Post10

Complete Southpost Survival Mission

Putting Bedrock to Bed10

Complete Bedrock Survival Mission

I Own This Crater Town10

Complete Crater Town Survival Mission

Ain't No Bugs On Me10

Complete all Survival Missions

Friendly Fire10

Shoot down all the names in the Credits