6. Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC | Heavy Cargo Pack

Deliver first Heavy Cargo - really simple achievement: look for contracts with cargo that weighs about 60 tonnes.

Keep Calm And Haul Heavy - This achievement requires the player to deliver three consecutive jobs of heavy cargo on time, without damage and without getting fines during the drive.

Save a lot, and if you do get a fine, reload your last save. You can still get the achievement that way. Don't forget to turn on your lights during rain, that's why I got a fine and had to reload.
In the job screen you can add filters. If you choose the filter on the weight you'll probably get the heavy cargo jobs first. Remember, three in a row, so don't take other jobs in between them, only heavy cargo ones. I suggest going for jobs with shorter distances. The sooner it's over, the smaller the chance to get a fine.

  • Keep Calm and Haul Heavy

    Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) of 3 consecutive Heavy Cargo Pack jobs (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

    Keep Calm and Haul Heavy

No Pain No Gain - I suggest transporting:

  • Locomotive
  • Mobile Crane
  • Concrete Beams
  • Transformer
  • Industrial Cable Reel

Some people have had problems unlocking this achievement - don't use any mods.

  • No Pain No Gain

    Deliver total of 250 tons of cargo on 5 consecutive jobs (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

    No Pain No Gain

You Bet I Can Park It! - There are 3 types of parking spots.

  • 90 XP
  • 45 XP
  • 15 XP

After you have 1,000 XP from parking you will get this achievement.

Hints: Try to find local deliveries. For example Messina - Messina or short range jobs. For example Milano - Torino. This will help you to get this achievement easier.

I Thought This Should Be Heavy?! - Deliver all heavy cargo that are available in the DLC (8 in total):

  • Locomotive
  • Mobile Crane
  • Concrete Beams
  • Transformer
  • Industrial Cable Reel
  • Metal Centering
  • Asphalt Miller
  • Crawl Dozer

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