Euro Truck Simulator 2 Reviews

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    23 Jun 2017
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    After playing ATS (American Truck Simulator, another game of SCS by this developer) first, I later on bought this game during the Steam Summer Sale. I bought the game, all the map expansions, cargo addict bundle and a few small add-ons all for around $36.16 (not a bad deal).

    Since this game has been out longer than ATS, this game has more content, DLC, add-ons, more players Online, trucks, trailers and more land to discover. This may be a turn on for you to get this game instead of ATS.



    - With the same settings I have from ATS to now ETS2, in ETS2 the game gets random FPS freeze hiccups when driving.

    - On some roads, I was driving 50 in a 56 and a cop gave me a ticket for speeding. Why game?

    - The roads? It's not like most roads are driven only on the right side. In ETS2, in different countries you can drive on the opposite. You we're just in a country that you had to take a ferry that was on the left side driving, but now your in this new country and it has to been driven on the right side? Europe, why are you so weird.

    - Just like in ATS, the cops are annoying. If a police car is on the other side of the highway and your speeding, you get fined.

    - Assets? You can definitely see duplicated assets from ATS in ETS2 DLC (or maybe vise versa?).

    - In ATS, you can go 5 over the speed limit. In this game, cops will hunt you down if you go over that speed limit indicator.


    Workshop support; cab skins, trailer skins and other add-ons.

    World of Trucks; Online support, statistics and get custom missions.

    Note: If you want to play with friends or go Online. You need to download 'Truckers MP.'

    Lastly, don't get me wrong it's a great game with all this DLC and new land to discover that you can't get in ATS. But, since ATS is their (SCS) newer game and on a updated engine (where it doesn't get those random FPS freeze hiccups). I would personally go buy that game instead. It may have less content right now, but overall I feel like it's more polished than ETS2. If you do however want to get ETS2 just to add it to your collection of Simulator games, just wait for a major Steam sale. Just my thoughts.
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    Posted on 16 Jul 17 at 14:12