Epic Battle Fantasy Collection Achievements

Full list of all 157 Epic Battle Fantasy Collection achievements.

  • Mecha 1

    Build the robot from Brawl Royale. [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Mecha 2

    Build the robot from Epic Battle Fantasy. [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Mecha 3

    Build the robot from Epic Battle Fantasy 2. [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Legendary

    Find the legendary bacon creature. [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Phallic Gun

    Why would you put it THERE? [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Put ya Guns on

    Got enough guns up there yet? [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Recycle

    Conserve energy and be power smart! [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • To Smithereens

    Aw, oops. Wrong button... [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Nuclear Fallout

    Cool guys don't look at explosions. [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • Armed to the Teeth

    Equip an unconventional weapon. [Mecha Dress Up Game]

  • NoLegs No More

    Silly cat, get off my lawn! [Brawl Royale]

  • Pyramid Flattened

    Go back to your cave, beast. [Brawl Royale]

  • Crimson Mage Dead

    That's not even a real sword. [Brawl Royale]

  • Midori Pummeled

    Farukon Paaaaanssh! [Brawl Royale]

  • Cobalt Mage Kill

    Not enough wololo. [Brawl Royale]

  • Lazarus Gibbed

    You call that a gun? This is a gun... [Brawl Royale]

  • Mecha Malfunction

    Fatal security flaw discovered. [Brawl Royale]

  • Natalie Disarmed

    Send her back to the kitchen. [Brawl Royale]

  • TV Boy Smashed

    Master the guitar. [Brawl Royale]

  • Zombie Roku Gutted

    Save the universe from evil. [Brawl Royale]

  • Cool Story Bro

    Brutally kill your best friend. [Brawl Royale]

  • Masochist

    Get killed by each enemy in one sitting. [Brawl Royale]

  • Godly Reflexes

    Get a reaction time of 6 frames or less. [Brawl Royale]

  • Cat Go Splat

    Explode a kitten's head for no reason. [The Kitten Game]

  • Wrong Target

    Kill an innocent creature and lose points. [The Kitten Game]

  • Nice Holiday

    Dunk the same cat underwater 5 times. [The Kitten Game]

  • Pyromaniacs

    Watch 50 cats burn themselves to death. [The Kitten Game]

  • Clicker Game

    Break 500 bricks in one sitting. [The Kitten Game]

  • I Hate Fish

    Kill 5 fish in one level. [The Kitten Game]

  • Double Die

    Kill a ghost dead. [The Kitten Game]

  • Don't Eat the Can

    Slap a beer out of a cat's mouth. [The Kitten Game]

  • Hyper Focused

    Pop 4 balloons and also beat the level. [The Kitten Game]

  • Hundreds Must Die

    Beat every level in the game. [The Kitten Game]

  • Olympian

    Get a gold trophy in every level. [The Kitten Game]

  • Badly Drawn Cats

    Browse through the concept art gallery. [The Kitten Game]

  • King Slime

    Slay the giant slime. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Beholder

    Slay the tentacle beast. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Defender

    Slay the mechanical sentinel. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Metaice

    Slay the bootleg Pok*mon. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Mega Mecha

    Slay the giant killer robot. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Son Roku

    Slay your undead God. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Art Guy

    View the gallery. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Credits Guy

    View the credits. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Chaos

    Summon calamity upon this earth. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Epic Fail

    Get a Game Over. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Owned

    Get hit for 10,000+ damage. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Punching Bag

    Take lots of damage. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Terrorist

    Buy lots of bombs. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • I Like Swords

    Try out every sword in one game. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Pervert

    Keep clicking those boobs. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Warrior

    Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Knight

    Beat the game on Hard difficulty or higher. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Hero

    Beat the game on Epic difficulty. [Epic Battle Fantasy]

  • Level Grinder

    Reach an experience level of 30. [Adventure Story]

  • Power Up

    Max out your HP and MP. [Adventure Story]

  • Balanced Skillset

    Buy the weakest version of every spell. [Adventure Story]

  • Gold Hoarder

    Collect every coin in every level. [Adventure Story]

  • Great Adventurer

    Open every treasure chest in every level. [Adventure Story]

  • Forest Jog

    Beat level 3 in under 40 seconds. [Adventure Story]

  • Desert Dash

    Beat Level 7 in under 50 seconds. [Adventure Story]

  • Glacier Run

    Beat Level 13 in under 60 seconds. [Adventure Story]

  • Volcano Sprint

    Beat Level 19 in under 70 seconds. [Adventure Story]

  • Self Destruction

    Defeat any boss with their own projectiles. [Adventure Story]

  • Boss Immunity

    Defeat any boss without getting hit. [Adventure Story]

  • Endangered Species

    Defeat 1000 foes in total. [Adventure Story]

  • Animal Cruelty

    Drop an enemy into some spikes, and watch it suffer. [Adventure Story]

  • Frost Bite

    Hit an enemy with a dangling icicle. [Adventure Story]

  • Watch Your Step

    Collapse a wooden platform by walking over it. [Adventure Story]

  • Clouds Disappear

    Collapse a cloud by standing on it. [Adventure Story]

  • Spikes are Painful

    Fall into a pit of spikes and regret it. [Adventure Story]

  • Shrooms are Bouncy

    Bounce off a mushroom and into the air. [Adventure Story]

  • Lava is Hot

    Stand on lava for too long and get hurt. [Adventure Story]

  • Ice is Slippery

    Stand on ice and slide around. [Adventure Story]

  • Foe Bouncer

    Perform a massive aerial combo by bouncing off enemies. [Adventure Story]

  • Foe Juggler

    Keep an enemy up in the air by attacking it. [Adventure Story]

  • Newbie Warrior

    Discover the standard 3-hit melee combo. [Adventure Story]

  • Master Warrior

    Lose your ability to cast spells, you don't need them. [Adventure Story]

  • Newbie Mage

    Cast a spell for the first time. [Adventure Story]

  • Master Mage

    Cast a level 3 spell. [Adventure Story]

  • The End

    Complete level 20, rescue the princess and finish the game. [Adventure Story]

  • The Credits

    Check out the credits page and maybe visit some links. [Adventure Story]

  • Foe Exterminator

    Complete the Foe Rush on hard, epic or extreme difficulty. [Adventure Story]

  • Boss Hunter

    Complete the Boss Rush on hard, epic or extreme difficulty. [Adventure Story]

  • Boss Slayer

    Complete the Ultra Boss Rush on hard, epic or extreme difficulty. [Adventure Story]

  • Sword vs Gun

    Deflect a speeding bullet with your indestructible steel katana. [Adventure Story]

  • Moon Jumps

    Jump sky high as if you're using cheat codes. [Adventure Story]

  • Kitten Kart

    Destroy the cats' mobile fortress. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Guardian

    Smash up an elite sentry. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Giga Golem

    Master the elements. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Sand Worm

    Eat worms for breakfast. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Zombie Hydra

    Keep killing it until it dies. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Valkyrie

    Defeat the final boss and save the world. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Overkill

    Do more than 99999 damage with one hit. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Sword Master

    Try out all 11 swords in one game. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Beast Master

    Complete the bestiary by scanning all foes. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Invincible

    Matt survives with 1HP left. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Noob

    Get killed by a summon. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Minigamer 1

    Get 5,000 points in part one. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Minigamer 2

    Get 6,000 points in part two. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Minigamer 3

    Get 10,000 points in survival. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Battle Cat

    Bring NoLegs to the battlefield. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Oblivion

    Washed away by waves of fire. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Middle Tier

    Beat the game on Normal difficulty or higher. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Leet Tier

    Beat the game on Hard difficulty or higher. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • God Tier

    Beat the game on Epic difficulty. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Max Radiation

    The Ion Cannon fires for the first time. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • New to the Job

    Get 10 of the in-game medals. [Cat Cafe]

  • Overworked

    Get 18 of the in-game medals. [Cat Cafe]

  • Getting Into It

    Get 24 of the in-game medals. [Cat Cafe]

  • Big Promotion

    Get 30 of the in-game medals. [Cat Cafe]

  • Early Retirement

    Get 36 of the in-game medals. [Cat Cafe]

  • Bronze Badge

    Get A or S ranks in 5 or more levels. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Silver Badge

    Get A or S ranks in 10 or more levels. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Gold Badge

    Get A or S ranks in 15 or more levels. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Platinum Badge

    Get A or S ranks in 20 or more levels. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Diamond Badge

    Get A or S ranks in all 25 levels. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Pacifism

    Reach wave 33 in Survival without killing anything, including bomb foes. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Mass Murderer

    Kill 1,000 foes in a single game of Survival. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Perfect Run

    Beat any level between 16 and 20 without taking any damage. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Shooter

    Kill 300 enemies in total. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Sniper

    Kill 1,000 enemies in total. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Killer

    Kill 3,000 enemies in total. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Slayer

    Kill 10,000 enemies in total. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Upgrade Game

    Fully upgrade any stat. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Max Power

    Fully upgrade all stats. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Shields On

    Collect 100 power ups in total. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Need More Hearts

    Get hit 100 times in total. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Stars Everywhere

    Play 5 levels as NoLegs. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Plasma Swords

    Play 5 levels as Matt. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Angel Wings

    Play 5 levels as Natalie. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Pew Pew Pew

    Play 5 levels as Lance. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Tree Hugger

    Play 5 levels as Anna. [Bullet Heaven]

  • 500K Points

    Get a score of 500,000 in any level except survival. [Bullet Heaven]

  • 1 Million Points

    Get a score of 1,000,000 in any level except survival. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Gold Farmer

    Finish any level except Survival with over 3,000 coins. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Big Boom

    Use a bomb for the first time. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Ultimate Blade

    Kill 25 enemies instantly, with Matt's bomb. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Bullet Hell

    Take damage with over 666 enemy bullets on screen. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Counter Attack

    Reflect over 100 bullets with a single shield. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Bullet Master

    Complete all bonus levels. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Heaven and Hell

    Defeat the final boss and complete the standard set of 20 levels. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Stray Bullets

    Get killed with no enemies on screen. [Bullet Heaven]

  • 3 Heart Challenge

    Beat the first 20 levels without upgrading your health. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Just a Bush

    Play 5 levels as Green Bush. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Slime is Love

    Play 5 levels as Slime Bunny. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Giga Drills

    Play 5 levels as Flybot. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Satanic Panic

    Play 5 levels as Dry NoLegs. [Bullet Heaven]

  • Epic Battle Fantasies

    Play every main game at least once. [Epic Battle Fantasy Collection]

  • Dedicated Fan

    Play every prototype at least once. [Epic Battle Fantasy Collection]

  • History Nerd

    Read the history of every game. [Epic Battle Fantasy Collection]

  • Foe Splitter

    Use a fully-upgraded Cleaver Limit Break. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Stabby Natty

    Do over 35,000 damage with a staff bonk. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Earthquake

    Slam foes with an earth-shaking skill. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Obliteration

    Defeat any boss in one turn. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Bad Flu

    A poisonous plague spreads among foes. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Special Strike

    Launch a powerful new missile weapon. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]

  • Talented Thief

    Steal a rare item from an enemy. [Epic Battle Fantasy 2]