Drawn: The Painted Tower Achievements

Full list of all 30 Drawn: The Painted Tower achievements.

  • Sum of Its Parts

    Successfully combined two items to make a third

  • Strawesome

    Figure out how to help the farm

  • Stay Awhile

    Successfully complete the Tile Puzzle in the Foyer Chest in 16 or fewer moves

  • Let there be Light

    Opened the Cloud Door using the heat of the sun

  • Pane in the Glass

    Repaired the broken window before the skip puzzle timer had a chance to charge

  • Over Achiever

    Successfully found the magic staff in the hut before the shrunken head told you where it was

  • Toil and Trouble

    Successfully completed the potion right the first time in the Hut Painting

  • Romancing the Stone

    Successfully opened the Heart Door