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DoDonPachi Resurrection

DoDonPachi Resurrection Achievements

Here is the full list of all 100 DoDonPachi Resurrection achievements.

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  • A.I.

    Destroyed the Stage 1 boss "Element Daughter A.I". (Novice, Normal)

  • Senko

    Destroyed the Stage 2 mid-boss "Senko". (Novice, Normal)

  • NextExy

    Destroyed the Stage 2 boss "Element Daughter NextExy". (Novice, Normal)

  • Perfect*

    Destroyed the Stage 3 boss "Element Daughter Perfect*". (Novice, Normal)

  • Raiko

    Destroyed the Stage 4 mid-boss "Raiko". (Novice, Normal)

  • Ray'n

    Destroyed the Stage 4 boss "Element Daughter Ray'n". (Novice, Normal)

  • Shooty

    Destroyed the Stage 5 boss "Element Daughter Shooty". (Novice, Normal)

  • Abominable Execution Weapon

    Destroyed "Golden Disaster". (Novice, Normal)

  • ]-[|/34<#!

    Destroyed ]-[|/34<#!. (Novice, Normal)

  • 2x Bonus!

    Connected a 500 HIT combo. (Novice, Normal)

  • 3x Bonus!

    Connected a 1000 HIT combo. (Novice, Normal)

  • 5x Bonus!

    Connected a 5000 HIT combo. (Novice, Normal)

  • 7x Bonus!

    Connected a 10,000 HIT combo. (Normal)

  • KABOOM!!!!

    Survived the mother ship's destruction by an abominable force. (Normal)

  • A Daunting Task

    Entered the Open Second Loop. (Novice, Normal)

  • Suicide Mission

    Entered the Hidden Second Loop. (Novice, Normal)

  • TYPE-A

    Cleared the game using the Type-A ship. (Novice, Normal)

  • TYPE-B

    Cleared the game using the Type-B ship. (Novice, Normal)

  • TYPE-C

    Cleared the game using the Type-C ship. (Novice, Normal)

  • Bee Completion

    Collected all the bee items in a stage. (Novice, Normal)

  • Taking a Detour

    Entered the secret route. (Arrange A)

  • White Bee Hive

    Collected all bee items in a stage while they are white. (Arrange A)

  • Full Power!

    Activated your hyper with 5 hyper items in stock. (Arrange A)

  • The One that Got Away…

    Let a hyper item drift off-screen. (Arrange A)

  • Too Close for Comfort

    While using Bomb Custom style, bombed when a bullet was 1 pixel away. (Free Bombs not counted) (Arrange B)

  • UwaAaaAAaAa

    Cancel a ton of enemy bullets after activating hyper. (Arrange B)

  • Lonnnnnng Range

    Stayed at bottom of the screen using Laser Custom. (Bottom 1/3 of the screen for 70% of a stage) (Arrange B)

  • God-like Existence

    Increase the Expert Gauge to MAX. (Arrange B)

  • Descent to Hell

    Picked up a bee item while it was flashing on a stage with an average enemy rank of more than 50. (Arrange B)

  • Iron Plate Love

    Collected 10,000 "Expert Items" on Stage 3. (Arrange B)

  • Automatic Transmission

    Triggered 3 auto-bombs during play. (Arrange B)

  • Thank You For Playing

    Scored more than 50 million points across all stages. (Arrange B)

  • Extremely angry

    Used Red mode. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Resolution OK!

    Chose STRONG STYLE. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Execute Hyper!

    Executed a hyper using a bomb. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Canceling Hyper

    Canceled a hyper. (Black Label, BL Novice)


    Increased the red gauge to max. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Black BOMB

    Destroyed ]-[|/34<#! in Bomb STYLE. (Black Label)

  • Black POWER

    Destroyed ]-[|/34<#! in Power STYLE. (Black Label)

  • Black STRONG

    Destroyed ]-[|/34<#! in Strong STYLE. (Black Label)

  • Lost stock

    Got a Game Over without having used a bomb. (Black Label)

  • _@-zv_@

    Destroyed _@-zv_@. (Black Label)

  • Bomb user

    Scored more than 300 billion using BOMB STYLE. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Power user

    Scored more than 600 billion using POWER STYLE. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Strong user

    Scored more than 500 billion using STRONG STYLE. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Flashing Bee

    Picked up a flashing bee item. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Operation Complete

    Cleared all stages. (Black Label, BL Novice)

  • Star

    Got more than 5000 large star items in one area. (Black Label, BL Novice)

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