Disciples III - Renaissance Steam Special Edition Achievements

Here is the full list of all 57 Disciples III - there are Renaissance Steam Special Edition achievements.

  • Money-Bags

    You are called Money-Bags behind your back. But you pay no mind to envious losers.

  • Rich Man

    Your coffers are filled with gold. A wealthy state is a strong one.

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  • Pauper

    An empty purse does not necessarily translate into failure. Sometimes the war may be won by improvised means.

  • Architect

    The cities under the patronage of an Architect are flourishing. Architects construct buildings of all types.

  • Builder

    A Builder creates a well-rounded city. Builders are interested in many types of buildings.

  • Mason

    A Mason builds only those buildings that will help the war effort.

  • Destroyer

    A true Destroyer smites all his enemies, leaving only dead bodies in his wake.

  • Strategist

    You try to only engage in battle on your terms. But you also take a lot of pleasure from crushing your enemies.

  • Sage

    Sages believe that direct conflict does not always lead to victory.

  • Invincible

    The great Invincible hero loses only a few small battles, but wins all others.

  • Veteran

    А decent Veteran wins as many battles as he loses.

  • Training Dummy

    A general may win the war even if he loses a lot of battles. But his soldiers will call him Training Dummy.

  • Tomb Raider

    Real Tomb Raiders love to explore all kinds of ancient and mystical ruins.

  • Adventurer

    When you were young, you explored all the attics and cellars in the neighborhood. And now you are filled with desire to explore the rest of the world.

  • Curious

    You may explore a dungeon or two every now and then.

  • Great Explorer

    Only a hero who has visited every nook and cranny in the land can be called Great Explorer.

  • Explorer

    All true Explorers map the new lands they have discovered.

  • Traveler

    The Traveler is a hero who does not look into each nook and cranny, searching for secrets and treasure.

  • Brave

    Brave heroes always rush into the heat of battle.

  • Careful

    A Careful hero is prudent. He studies his options thoroughly.

  • Coward

    Cowardly heroes always play it safe.

  • Healer

    You take excellent care of your followers. That's why they call you the Healer!

  • Doctor

    You are sickened by the sight of blood and do everything in your power to keep your followers healthy.

  • Quack

    A Quack can heal various indispositions and light wounds.

  • Wanderer

    Real Wanderers explore all the roads and paths they find.

  • Wayfarer

    Some heroes like to look for shortcuts and explore secret paths.

  • Walker

    Walkers go straight to their destination and never turn off the road. They are not interested in exploration.

  • Archmage

    The Archmage can destroy enemies by using the most powerful spells.

  • Wizard

    Wizards know the power of magic well, which is why they use spells quite often.

  • Wizard Apprentice

    Wizard Apprentices rely on the strength of their armies and only rarely use magic.

  • Earth Mana Guardian

    You have collected a huge amount of Earth Magic. Nothing is impossible for you.

  • Earth Mana User

    You have enough Earth Magic to use it any time you need.

  • Earth Mana Collector

    You have a meager amount of Earth Magic. You rarely use Earth Magic.

  • Fire Mana Guardian

    A true Fire Magic Guardian uses a lot of the infernal energy in all his undertakings.

  • Fire Mana User

    The Fire Magic you have collected can be used to great advantage.

  • Fire Mana Collector

    ou do not rely on Fire Magic in battle.

  • Life Mana Guardian

    You have a huge amount of Life Magic and your possibilities are endless.

  • Life Mana User

    You have an adequate amount of Life Magic.

  • Life Mana Collector

    You have been able to collect some Life Magic.

  • Abuser

    You are addicted to various potions. Some people laugh at you behind your back.

  • Taster

    A Taster knows a lot about potions. That is why he uses them in every major battle.

  • Abstainer

    Everyone knows that you are an Abstainer, because you are absolutely against the use of potions.

  • Master of Destinies

    You do not allow Fate to govern the lives of your followers. You rule over them yourself.

  • Solicitous

    If your followers fall in battle, you try to get them back from the realm of Mortis.

  • Fatalist

    Fatalists believe in Fate and do not try to resurrect fallen warriors.

  • Quarry Owner

    The amount of stone you have is incredible. Only Quarry Owners have as much of this resource.

  • Stone Merchant

    You have collected a considerable amount of stone. It is enough to build any building.

  • Stonemason

    Construction is not your favorite hobby. The amount of stone you have is not enough to build even a small town.

  • Conqueror of Peoples

    If you have captured all the surrounding lands, then you are the great Conqueror of Peoples.

  • Conqueror of Cities

    The Conqueror of Cities is a hero who is able to capture almost all known lands.

  • Conqueror of Villages

    The Conqueror of Villages does not seek to capture all surrounding lands.

  • Commander

    The Commander is a great organizer, able to lead large armies of followers.

  • Leader

    A true Leader is one who can unite several trusty heroes into a strong team.

  • Loner

    Some heroes do not have much use for trusty sidekicks. They believe in their abilities only.

  • Merciless

    You give no quarter to your enemies. You are Death incarnate.

  • Warrior

    The true Warrior destroys his enemies mercilessly and no obstacle can stop him.

  • Pacifist

    Learned men call him a Pacifist, but they do not say what the word means. In any case, he rarely draws his sword.

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