Dialogue Box: The Road Less Traveled Achievements

Full list of all 26 Dialogue Box: The Road Less Traveled achievements.

  • May 2019

    Found the drawing of what may or may not be a cat

  • June 2019

    Found an empty envelope that was used to hold evidence

  • July 2019

    Found a phone with an incomprehensible conversation between a stego and his father

  • August 2019

    Found a board game that was left incomplete, D20 included

  • September 2019

    Found a globe with significant inaccuracies, and a couple of bell peppers

  • October 2019

    Found a crate with colorful marking that needs to be seen in a different light

  • November 2019

    Found an arrow that should not be shot at a living creature

  • December 2019

    Found a Christmas gift that was never delivered, perhaps for the best

  • January 2020

    Found a fish out of water (like, wayyyy out of water)

  • February 2020

    Found an uncomfortable, ugly couch

  • March 2020

    Found a glass that used to contain soda and sadness

  • April 2020

    Found a conveyor belt that did not convey its purpose

  • Kiddo

    Picked a flower

  • Impatient

    Picked non of the flowers

  • Homesick

    Went through the dog house

  • Adventurous

    Went through the broken fence

  • Uncharted

    Jumped above the dog house

  • Brave

    Crossed the canyon through the bridge

  • Cautious

    Crossed the canyon using the cable cart

  • Flying

    Crossed the canyon by flying

  • Named

    Have a short name

  • Verbose

    Have a long name

  • Jeff

    Your name is Jeff

  • Dogcatcher

    Get the dog near the tree

  • Rescuer

    Get the cat down from the tree

  • Patient

    Wait for the badger to come out