Defence Alliance 2 Achievements

Full list of all 30 Defence Alliance 2 achievements.

  • Get 'um piled up

    Kill 15 specimens with one Plasma Bomb.

  • Burn it!

    Kill 200 Husks and unlock the ability to use incendiary rounds.

  • Advanged Gunner

    Kill 25000 Specimens and unlock Advanced Gunner rank, and 20 customization points.

  • Alliance Captain

    Kill 50000 Specimens and unlock Alliance Captain rank, and 30 customization points.

  • Supreme Commander

    Kill 100000 Specimens and unlock Supreme Commander rank, and 40 customization points.

  • Kill them faster

    Kill 500 Specimens with the Sniper Rifle and get 17.5% faster rate of fire.

  • Kill them even faster

    Kill 2000 Specimens with the Sniper Rifle and get 35% faster rate of fire.

  • Rocket science

    Kill 2000 Specimens with the Rocket Launcher and get nuclear rockets.

  • Big boom!

    Kill 1000 Specimens with Grenades and unlock nuclear grenades.

  • I'm out of ammo

    Use the ammobox 100 times and get additional ammo.