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Deadfall Adventures

Deadfall Adventures Achievements

Here is the full list of all 50 Deadfall Adventures achievements.

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  • Terra incognita

    Collect all treasure maps in Adventure mode

  • Miner

    Kill 25 eniemies using dynamite in Adventure mode

  • Jewel of Arabia

    Find a secret treasure at the very beginning of the game

  • Almost strangled

    Escape from gas trap inside the Sakkara's pyramid

  • Ancient engineers

    Disable the crushing trap in Arctic Base level

  • Conduct the train

    Unlock the hidden treasure by moving carts and steering in Mines level

  • Lost ship

    Explore the secret cave in Mayan Jungle

  • Elevation

    Use the elevator puzzle to reach the treasure in Mayan undergrounds

  • Robber

    Collect 100 gold statues in Treasure Hunt game mode

  • Rescuer

    Collect 50 silver statues in Treasure Hunt game mode

  • Hunter

    Kill players 100 times using traps

  • Commando

    Unlock all weapons in multiplayer mode

  • Changeling

    Unlock all characters in multiplayer mode

  • Illusionist

    Earn 200 blessings in Tresure Hunt game mode

  • Warrior

    Achieve all killing spree rewards in single match

  • Gunsmith

    Unlock all automatic upgrades for all weapons

  • Veteran

    Achieve highest multiplayer rank

  • There can be only one

    Win 10 times in Last Man Standing game mode

  • Predator

    Kill 10 different opponents in a Deathmatch

  • DIY

    Finish a multiplayer match, using a self made Custom Class

  • Survivor Was Born

    Survive 100 enemy waves

  • Mayan Barbecue

    Kill 5 players with a fire trap during one multiplayer match

  • Lumberjack

    Kill 500 Daru in survival mode

  • Frozen mystery

    Solve final puzzle at Arctic Caves level in alternate way and collect the special treasure

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