Day of Defeat: Source Achievements

Full list of all 54 Day of Defeat: Source achievements. It takes around 50-60 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows.

  • Double Cross

    Kill an enemy by throwing back one of their team's grenades or riflegrenades

  • Marksman

    Score 5 consecutive headshots in a single round without dying

  • Kilroy Was Here

    Score 8 machinegun kills from a single deployed position

  • Don't Bring a Gun

    Win a knife fight

  • AWOL

    Play on 5 non-official Day of Defeat Source maps

  • Rationing

    Kill 4 or more players with a single grenade, riflegrenade or bazooka shot

  • Eviction Notice

    Kill a deployed sniper or machinegunner from a distance greater than 100 feet with a rocket

  • Take No Prisoners

    In a single life, kill 4 or more players in the victory time after winning a round

  • Beachhead

    Capture the final flag to win a round

  • Trophy Collector

    Score 5 or more kills in a single life using scavenged enemy weapons