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Chorus Achievements

Here is the full list of all 42 Chorus achievements.

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  • In the Eye of the Storm

    Dissolve the lightning storm surrounding the Trom Shipyard and free the Cpt. Aystan and his ships

  • Set in Motion

    Recruit an engineer at Rinak Haven

  • The Crimson Void

    Destroy a Demon-class battleship and enter the Faceless Void

  • The Nameless Dread

    Destroy the Faceless entity inside the Amarok Rift

  • Time to Spear

    Face your guilt and obtain the Rite of the Star

  • Disciple

    Catch a glimpse of the past and witness the Prophet's ritual

  • Uneasy Alliance

    Meet an unexpected ally and escape alongside him

  • Ghosts

    Learn more about Forsaken's secret past and teach a former mentor a lesson

  • Huntress

    Use the Rite of the Hunt to leap at an enemy and destroy it within 5 seconds

  • Two Birds

    Use the Rite of the Star to spear two enemies in one go

  • It Was An Accident

    Destroy 5 enemies by disrupting them with the Rite of the Storm

  • Crash Test

    Use the Rite of Control to smash two ships into each other

  • Radiation Area

    Kill 3 enemies with a Tier 3 missile's radiation cloud

  • Controlled Demolition

    Defeat an armored enemy with a Gatling gun

  • Overcharged

    Overcharge your energy bar by using the Tier 3 laser weapon

  • At Least You Tried

    Die in permadeath mode

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