Cat Attack Achievements

Here is the full list of all 34 Cat Attack achievements.

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  • It SEEMS Powerful...

    Obtain the cursed ring from battling a mysterious character.

  • Big Spender

    Spend 10,000 GP to uncurse the ring, rather than uncurse it yourself. It's weaker than it would be if you uncursed it!

  • Get That Ship!

    Spend 5,000 GP and purchase the Ship, allowing access to the other continents/islands.

  • Save the Brat

    Save the spoiled princess by climbing Darfus Tower and defeating Captain Argor.

  • Huh-Huh!

    Recruit Dave into your party by giving William the GSB after having rescued Mary. (Or by giving him the 2-Liter of Sprite!)

  • Ihh! Ihh!

    Recruit William into your party by giving him the GSB without having rescued Mary. (Or giving him Coffee if you have Mary and Dave.)

  • Airship Time!

    Repair the broken bridge and find the airship. Now you can travel anywhere in the world!

  • Myths are Real

    Recraft the Holy sword into the Mythical Sword with some Cetonian Ore.

  • Axe Crazy

    Recraft Ceto's Axe into Kabogi's Axe with some Kabogian ore.

  • Taylor, Gang. Taylor, Gang.

    Rescue Taylor from the Twirly Towers after defeating/placating AWPerative.

  • End it All

    Defeat Xookie, completing the game.

  • Power Gamer

    Defeat Leanan Sidhe and make it through the gauntlet of bosses, accessing an overpowered character.

  • 127 Battles?!

    Remove the curse by battling 127 times!

  • Berserker Rage

    Rescue Sean from another dimension and have him join you.

  • Thank You!

    Read the instructions and choose to begin the game.

  • Maxtain Bones

    Save Max from his curse by defeating him as Captain Bones and have him join you.

  • Get Some Gifts!

    Collect gifts from Lon by returning to the house with James and Michael in the party.

  • Adventure Complete!

    Complete DM Brahhn's adventure, resucing Trixie and Tawnie from Link.

  • Pest Control Service

    Defeat the gophers infesting the yard.

  • Subduing Stinx

    Defeat Lucy and gain access to her southern tunnel.

  • Treasure Hunter

    Not a thief... but you collected every treasure chest in the game!

  • Special Bond

    Visit Dax's House after obtaining the Ship and receive a gift from him.

  • Return of the Engineer

    Save Seth after defeating the Gargoyle.

  • Our Ranger is Back

    Save Mary after defeating the Gargoyle.

  • Thief Our Hearts

    Rescue Amanda from Zombor and have her join the team.

  • The OP Cleric

    Recruit Maria by defeating Gaia and rescuing Amanda.

  • Melted!

    Defeat Ice to See You inside the Stiv Volcano.

  • Darkness Cometh

    Receive the Dark Key after defeating Brahhn in his tower.

  • Win the Sword

    Defeat Cal and his two shadows to earn the Defender, a powerful sword that increases defense.

  • EPA Superfund

    Defeat the Angel of Pollution within Gargoth.

  • Helpful Adventurer

    Go out of your way to retrieve the Ruby Amulet from the Pyramids as requested by some random woman.

  • Well Prepared

    Talk to everyone in Elbonia's training room.