Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Achievements

Here is the full list of all 44 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War achievements.

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  • Explosive Finish

    Kill 12 enemies with explosive barrels while riding the server lift during Echoes of a Cold War.


    Kill 25 enemies with the AC-130 while defending the rooftop in End of the Line.

  • The Red Door

    Disobey Adler’s order to go through the door in Break on Through.

  • Jack of All Trades

    Get five kills each with an LMG, SMG, AR, and Shotgun.

  • Old Faithful

    Kill 200 enemies with an AR.

  • Scorched Earth

    Destroy all enemy vehicles and mortar teams while defending Firebase Ripcord in Fracture Jaw.

  • Scorched Earth II

    Blow up all trucks and guard towers on the approach to the monastery in The Final Countdown.

  • The Fixer

    Get 200 Eliminations in Multiplayer.

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