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Burly Men at Sea

Burly Men at Sea Achievements

Here is the full list of all 25 Burly Men at Sea achievements. It takes around 2-3 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows.

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  • Getting Your Beards Wet

    The orbs lead on, out through the cavern’s deep tunnels and beyond the island.

  • The Back Door

    Following the glow of moonlight, the men step out eagerly into the night.

  • Into the Deepening Darkness

    The men paddle furiously, but the widening vortex is inescapable.

  • Out of the Deepening Darkness

    Collapsing, the maelstrom tosses the men in their barrels toward the surface.

  • Begone!

    The men push off, paddling the raft beyond the island and into the night.

  • Thus is Thy Fate Sealed

    With a rumble, the island sinks slowly into the sea, carrying all hands with it.

  • Nice Day

    Surfacing, they find themselves men once more, who, for the moment, splash about like happy children under the moonlit sky.

  • In Need of Assistance

    Heedless of the warning, the burly seals spread out as they swim, until the spell around them weakens and they become human once more.

  • Poor Beastie

    With a piercing screech, the creature disappears back into the depths.

  • Foiled by the Tree

    The jaws snap shut over the shattered tree, launching the men out into the deepening darkness.

  • She's a Goner

    Clinging to wooden barrels, they watch their beloved ship sink into the depths.

  • Womenfolk in the Water

    Finding the dark water empty, the men quickly regret their course of action.

  • Well Met…

    “Er, hullo,” stammers Brave Beard.

  • …Bearded Travelers

    The absurdity of underwater speech only adds to the wonder apparent on his face.

  • Ye've Done It

    “This day, you reach the end of a story,” she continues, “and the last of its paths.”

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