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Bots Are Stupid

Bots Are Stupid Achievements

Here is the full list of all 32 Bots Are Stupid achievements.

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  • 00:00

    Play the clockwork forge theme for the first time.

  • 23:59

    Finish the clockwork forge campaign levels.

  • We Need to Go Deeper!

    Play the toxic factory theme for the first time.

  • Rock Bottom

    Finish the toxic factory campaign levels.

  • To the Moon

    Play the moon station theme for the first time.

  • And Beyond!

    Finish the moon station campaign levels.

  • Mad Scientist

    In the Level Editor: Use all special objects at once.

  • Architect

    In the Level Editor: Use 100 platforms at once.

  • Wallclimb

    Perform 3 walljumps in quick succession.

  • Micromanagement

    Unhook instantly after hooking onto something.

  • Turbo

    Reach a speed of 1000 units/s or higher.

  • Scratch That

    Delete 10 or more lines of code at once.

  • TAS

    Finish a level in a second or less.

  • Complexity

    Finish a level with 100 lines or more.

  • We are All Stupid

    Die from spikes 1000 times.

  • Actual Moon

    Beat the moon station campaign levels in low gravity mode.

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