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Bloons Monkey City

Bloons Monkey City Achievements

Here is the full list of all 52 Bloons Monkey City achievements.

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  • Extra Special

    Capture one of each: Wattle Trees, Tranquil Glade, Glacier, Shipwreck, Sticky Sap Plant, Phase Crystal, Temple Ruins, and MOAB Graveyard

  • Feel the Power

    Supply your city with a total of 1,000 power

  • Power Mad

    Crank up to 5,000 total power for your city

  • Whole Lotta Monkeys

    Have 100 monkeys ready for duty in the My Monkeys panel

  • City With Everything

    Have built simultaneously at least 1 of every Base, Upgrade, Special, MvM, and Resource building available

  • Bling Worthy

    Build up a bank balance of $10,000 City Cash

  • Phat Stax

    Build up a bank balance of $200,000 City Cash

  • MOAB Mauler

    Destroy 1,000 MOABs

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