Blackwell Convergence Achievements

Full list of all 12 Blackwell Convergence achievements. It takes around 2-3 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows.

  • Soft Touch

    Give Allen some hope before he goes

  • Lush Life

    Have a few drinks, but you might regret it in the morning

  • Sober Solidarity

    Keep a clear head, but others might think less of you

  • Cat Trick

    Distract the cat only once

  • Leading Lady

    While holding Frank's script, get though a performance without flubbing a single line

  • Art Medium

    Convince Frank that you are an artist on your first try

  • Wonder Woman

    Defeat the Countess with one throw of an improvised lasso

  • Solo

    Finish the game without asking Joey for a single hint

  • Reluctant Savior

    Save Charlie Meltzer's life

  • Medium Well Done

    Finish the game at least once