Before We Leave

Before We Leave

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Before We Leave

Before We Leave Achievements

Here is the full list of all 56 Before We Leave achievements.

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  • Fortified

    Fully protect a Planet with a Shield

  • Opulence

    Have 100+ Peeps on Island, all of them happy and living in Apartments. Also have 10 Fountains and no pollution on that Island

  • 7 Horizons

    Colonise 7 Planets in 1 game

  • Warm at Heart

    Have all Peeps wearing Good Clothing

  • Metropolis

    Have one Island with 300+ Peeps on it, all with homes

  • Utopia

    Have one Island with 200+ Peeps, all happy and housed

  • Holiday Resort

    Have 100+ Peeps, all happy and housed, on an Island that's never had fields or Extractor, Industry or Quality of Life buildings on it

  • One with Nature

    Repair Spaceship without ever demolishing a Forest

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