BeatBlasters III Achievements

Here is the full list of all 13 BeatBlasters III achievements.

  • Daring Bodyguard

    Finish the King Banana level without charging once with King Banana at full health.

  • Quick Win

    Beat the Catminator without having to push the button to raise the fences!

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  • Kamikaze

    Finish the Fort Battle level without using your shield once.

  • Captain Candy

    Defeat Choco Chacal without shooting him. Use candies to take him down!

  • Pirate Prison

    Complete the level Pirate Galore without letting any pirate set foot on land.

  • Ground Soldier

    Complete the Bananas of the Far West level without using your speed boots.

  • Master Defender

    Complete the Space Repair Shop level without letting any barrel be dropped by enemies.

  • Do a Barrell Roll

    In the Elderly Crossing level, have a car do a triple backflip in the air and land it back on its feet.

  • Butchered

    Defeat the Butcher at the Insane difficulty.

  • Combonator

    Successfully complete 100 consecutive combos.

  • Completionist

    Finish the game at easy or normal difficulty with 3 stars rating everywhere.

  • BeatBlaster Master

    Finish the game at insane difficulty.

  • Rock Destroyer

    Complete the Baby Rescue level without using your shield once.