Barony Achievements

Full list of all 216 Barony achievements.

The base game contains 205 achievements, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 11 achievements.

  • Enter the Dungeon

    Descend to level 1 of the dungeon.

  • Twisty Passages

    Escape the mines.

  • Jungle Fever

    Escape the swamp.

  • Sandman

    Escape the sand labyrinth.

  • Lich Hunter

    Find and defeat Baron Herx in his lair.

  • Well Read

    Find and read all of the books.

  • Born Again

    Survive instant death with an amulet of life saving.

  • King Arthur's Blade

    Find King Arthur's mystical sword, Dyrnwyn.

  • Spud Lord

    Find the mystical talking mace, Sharur.

  • Thanks, Mr Skeltal

    Find the mystical axe, Parashu.

  • Thundergnome

    Escape from the Gnomish Mines.

  • Throw Me The Whip!

    Get crushed by a boulder.

  • Theseus' Legacy

    Escape from the Minotaur Maze.

  • Spice of Life

    Start at least one game with every class.

  • Spear of Destiny

    Find Odin's legendary spear, Gungnir.

  • Evil Incarnate

    Find and defeat the Baphomet.

  • In Greater Numbers

    Win the game with at least two players alive.

  • Penniless Conduct

    Win the game without collecting any gold.

  • Foodless Conduct

    Win the game without eating any food.

  • Boots of Speed

    Defeat Baron Herx or Baphomet in 20 minutes or less.

  • Puzzle Master

    Unravel the mystery of Sokoban.

  • Robbing the Cradle

    Loot the Haunted Castle and escape with your life.

  • Tricks and Traps

    Discover the trap-infested Temple in the swamp.

  • Filthy Rich

    Obtain 10,000 gold.

  • Natural Born Leader

    Convince at least three NPCs to follow you at once.

  • Professional Burglar

    Kill at least 3 shopkeepers in one game.

  • Homicidal Maniac

    Kill at least 10 humans in a single game.

  • Vegetarian Conduct

    Win the game without having eaten any tins, meat, or fish.

  • Illiterate Conduct

    Win the game without having read any books, scrolls, or spellbooks.

  • Not a Team Player

    Kill another player.

  • Blessed Boots of Speed

    Reach the final stage in 45 minutes or less and win the game.

  • ...Will Always Be Waiting

    Put an end to the Archmagisters' troubles.

  • Despair Has Its Own Calms

    Exit Bram's Castle.

  • Cult Following

    Exit the Cockatrice's Lair.

  • Brawler

    Attain victory in the Citadel by only attacking with your fists and throwing potions from the beginning of the game.

  • Magic Mastery

    Learn 20 Spells.

  • Did You See That?!

    Kill a monster with a shuriken after it has twice bounced off a wall.

  • Gifts From the Eternals

    Obtain and wear a full set of Artifact Armor.

  • Well Prepared

    Have 3 Mystic Orb effects active simultaneously.

  • Bodyguards

    Have 2 Dominated Crystal Golems under your leadership.

  • Reunited

    Kill a Minotaur after encountering Herx.

  • #Blessed

    Hold a +10 Weapon.

  • That boulder moved itself!

    Kill an ally player with a pushed boulder.

  • Gilded

    Obtain 100,000 gold.

  • Classical Hardcore

    Finish the game from beginning to end with Classic and Hardcore modes on.

  • Postmodern Hardcore

    Finish the game from beginning to end with Hardcore mode on and Classic Mode off.

  • Bomb Squad

    Successfully disarm 5 Automatons using Lockpicking.

  • Scales In Your Favor

    Assassinate a Cockatrice.

  • Know Thyself

    Kill a Shadow who is mimicking your identity.

  • One Man's Trash

    Use a Cursed Magicstaff until it breaks.

  • Sitting Duck

    Kill 10 enemies while they are paralyzed or ensnared in a single playthrough.

  • Narcissist

    Use a Mirror Shield to kill an enemy using its own reflected spell.

  • Your Own Worst Enemy

    Get a lich killed by its own summoned minion.

  • You'll Thank Me Later

    Throw a Healing or Extra Healing potion at another Player or allied NPC.

  • Confessor

    Dominate an NPC that is already allied to you.

  • Thick Skull

    Kill a Scarab using a magic spell.

  • Tempt Fate

    Eat Tomalley shortly after vomiting.

  • Yes We Can!

    Eat 10 tins of food in a single playthrough.

  • Don't Forget to Bring a Towel!

    Use a towel to stop bleeding, clean pie off your face, and wipe grease from your hands.

  • Hot Shower

    Use a sink or fountain to extinguish flames.

  • Cheers!

    Throw booze at another character while you are under its effects

  • Arcane Link

    Gain extra Mana Regeneration from two sources simultaneously.

  • Troll's Blood

    Gain extra Health Regeneration from two sources simultaneously.

  • Last Resort

    Destroy a boulder using Digging or a Pickaxe while it's rolling toward you.

  • Maybe It'll Be Different

    Read two scrolls of fire.

  • Repossession

    Pick up an item that an Incubus or Succubus stole from you.

  • The Rhythm of the Knight

    Perform a Block, Attack tradeoff 3 times against a single foe without taking an unblocked hit.

  • Thank the Tank

    Have an allied player or NPC kill an enemy that you are Blocking.

  • Heal Bot

    Heal 1000 points of Player or Allied NPC hit points in a single playthrough.

  • Cock Block

    Block and take no damage against a Cockatrice's melee attack.

  • Negative Review for MLP

    Deface an equine mural.

  • STFU

    Throw Sharur into a pit.

  • Earn This

    Give a Legendary item to a Player or Allied NPC.

  • You Were the Chosen One!

    Die while equipped with a Legendary item.

  • 'Tis But a Scratch!

    Defeat a powerful enemy with no more than 5 hit points remaining.

  • A Life for a Life

    Sacrifice your entire health pool to Dominate an enemy and survive it.

  • Spelunky!

    Escape the Caves.

  • Recycler

    Give an item to an Allied Automaton to recycle.

  • I Am the One Who Knocks

    Tank a minotaur's attack and take no damage from it without blocking.

  • Let There Be Strobe

    Exploit the Light spell by casting it 20 times in a single minute.

  • Sponge

    Survive 150 damage or more taken from a single attack.

  • Escort

    Return to Hamlet with a human NPC ally.

  • Local Customs

    Start a game with a Workshop or local mod file loaded.

  • Cartographer

    Launch the Barony level editor.

  • It's All in the Reflexes

    Catch an Insectoid or Goatman's flying thrown weapon.

  • Hot Tub Time Machine

    Gain 50+ Levels of Swimming with Hunger turned off.

  • Rhinestone Cowboy

    Identify 50 pieces of Worthless Glass throughout multiple playthroughs.

  • Tough as Nails

    Have 50 enemies break their weapons against you throughout multiple playthroughs.

  • Unstoppable Force

    Break 50 pieces of enemy armor throughout multiple playthroughs.

  • Angel of Death

    Perform a fatal stealth attack on an enemy that is attacking another player or allied NPC.

  • Monster Squad

    Play a game with 3 or more players where everyone is a monster.

  • My Rich Alter-Ego

    As a monster, trade 50,000 gold while under the effects of Polymorph across all your games.

  • Right to Refuse

    Get chased out of a shop because you're a monster.

  • Pity Friend

    Recruit a human ally as a monster.

  • Boneheaded

    "Eat" food as a skeleton.

  • Second Chance

    Revive yourself by expending your mana as a skeleton.

  • Squad Ghouls

    Recruit four ghouls at once as a skeleton.

  • Bleating Baron

    Escape the Citadel playing as a true Goatman of any class.

  • Bucktooth Baron

    Escape the Citadel playing as a true Vampire of any class.

  • Bombshell Baron

    Escape the Citadel playing as a true Succubus of any class.

  • Bony Baron

    Escape the Citadel playing as a true Skeleton of any class

  • Drunk with Power

    Escape the Citadel playing as the Brewer class of any race.

  • Turn Undead

    Escape the Citadel playing as the Conjurer class of any race.

  • Commander in Chief

    Escape the Citadel playing as the Mesmer class of any race.

  • Power Hungry

    Escape the Citadel playing as the Accursed class of any race.

  • Muscle Memory

    Eat food when polymorphed into a human as a true Skeleton.

  • Comedian

    Equip Funny Bones' outfit as a skeleton.

  • Master Mixologist

    Learn all of the base and secondary alchemy ingredients.

  • Bombardier

    Kill 50 enemies with thrown potions.

  • Iron Gut

    Eat 20 tin cans as a true goatman.

  • Family Reunion

    Recruit three goatman allies as a true goatman.

  • Bottle-Nosed

    Find extra potions from fountains 20 times as a true goatman.

  • Skeleton Crew

    Summon two Skeleton Familiars at once.

  • In The Mix

    Brew 50 potions using an Alembic.

  • Free Refills

    Fill 50 empty bottles from sinks or fountains.

  • Let's Take This Outside

    Knockback 10 monsters into doors.

  • One Punch Man

    Paralyze a monster with Legendary Unarmed skill.

  • Blood Vessels

    Accumulate 20 vials of blood at one time as a true Vampire.

  • Blood Sport

    Assassinate 50 targets while invisible as a true Vampire.

  • Youngblood

    Recruit a Young Vampire as a vampire.

  • Bad Blood

    Lifesteal 500 HP from unarmed sneak-attack kills as an Accursed True Vampire.

  • Makes Your Blood Boil

    Discover the effects of water as a true Vampire.

  • Stuck On You

    Have a fountain bless your equipment as a true Succubus.

  • The Way You Like It

    Curse a blessed weapon as a true Succubus.

  • Barfight Champ

    Punch 50 enemies to death while drunk as a true Goatman.

  • Bad Romance

    Recruit two incubi or succubi sumultaneously as a true Succubus.

  • Temptress

    Recruit a confused or drunk human as a true Succubus.

  • Bait and Switch

    Teleport while an enemy is attacking you in melee combat as a true Succubus.

  • Bone to Pick

    Have a summoned familiar reach level 35.

  • External Battery

    Relinquish the soul of a summoned familiar while you have zero MP.

  • Reverse This Curse

    Find a cure for the Accursed class.

  • Functional

    Cure your hangover 10 times in a single playthrough as a true Goatman.

  • Blood Runs Clear

    Reach Legendary Stealth while playing as the Accursed class.

  • The Blood is the Life

    Escape the Citadel as the Accursed class without being cured, and with hunger enabled.

  • Potion Preparation

    Collect every potion that doesn't need to be brewed first.

  • Volatile

    Damage multiple enemies with a single brewed volatile potion 20 times.

  • Secret Weapon

    Kill a lich with a thrown potion.

  • Surrogates

    Allow 50 charmed allies to die in while in your service as a Mesmer.

  • Uh... What Now?

    Break your Magicstaff of Charm while you don't know the Charm spell as a Mesmer.

  • Off Limits

    Attempt to charm a monster that cannot be tamed.

  • Kill Command

    Have your charmed allies kill 50 enemies.

  • I'm Taking You With Me

    Kill an enemy after you are dead using poison, fire, or tinkered traps

  • Telefrag

    Kill an enemy within 1 second of it teleporting

  • Fascist

    Consume 50 non-magical book or scrolls as a true Automaton over the course of multiple playthroughs

  • I'm a Real Boy

    Recruit a Human ally and shop with a merchant while under the effects of polymorph as a true Automaton

  • Overclocked

    Accumulate 10 minutes of playtime with a superheated boiler as a true Automaton

  • Trash Compactor

    Consume 100 scrap as a true Automaton

  • Boilerplate Baron

    Escape the Citadel as a true Automaton

  • Pimpin Ain't Easy

    Recruit a total of 6 Succubus, Incubus or Humans as a true Incubus or Succubus

  • Bad & Beautiful

    Equip 4 cursed items at once as a true Incubus or Succubus

  • Serial Thrilla

    Gain 100 mana from Amulets of Strangulation as a true Incubus or Succubus

  • It's Tradition

    Kill 20 enemies while near a fountain as a true Incubus

  • Bad Boy Baron

    Escape the Citadel as a true Incubus

  • Pop Quiz

    Cast 20 different spells from spellbooks as a true Goblin in a single playthrough

  • Dyslexia

    Burn 50 spellbooks to ash as a Goblin across multiple playthroughs

  • Savage

    Reach Legendary skill in any melee weapon skill as a true Goblin

  • Tribe & Subscribe

    Recruit 4 Goblins as a true Goblin

  • Bayou Baron

    Escape the Citadel as a true Goblin

  • Gastric Bypass

    Kill an enemy with a spell that leaves you with 5 or fewer Energy as a true Insectoid

  • Bookworm

    Gain 50 Magic Levels from reading or casting from Spellbooks as a true Insectoid over multiple playthroughs

  • Flutter Shy

    Gain access to an otherwise inaccessible area of the level by using Flutter

  • Monarch

    Have Insectoid allies kill 20 enemies for you

  • Buggar Baron

    Escape the Citadel as a true Insectoid

  • Given Enough Time to Plan

    Achieve the killing blow against a minotaur using machines and / or traps

  • Wonderful Toys

    Use a Teleport Trap to send yourself to a part of the level that is otherwise inaccessible

  • Super Shredder

    Recycle items into 1000 units of Scrap and Essence using Tinkering Toolkits

  • Utility Belt

    Have one of every crafted Tinkering item in your inventory

  • Fixer-Upper

    Repair or Salvage 100 Tinkered traps and machine allies

  • Torcherer

    Gain 100 Scrap from salvaging torches

  • Levitant Lackey

    Command a Gyrobot to grab an item or interact with a switch that is otherwise inaccessible

  • Goodnight Sweet Prince

  • Many-Pedi-Palp

    Kill 100 webbed enemies as a Spider over multiple playthroughs

  • 5000 Second Rule

    Pick up 50 detected food items as a Rat over multiple playthroughs

  • Forum Troll

    Acquire 3 Troll allies, break 3 walls, and cast Fear on 3 characters as a Troll in a single playthrough

  • Social Butterfly

    Recruit 50 allies while Shapeshifted or Polymorphed as a Shaman over multiple playthroughs

  • Roll The Bones

    Enscribe 50 scrolls with the Magic Quill as a Shaman over multiple playthroughs

  • Cowboy From Hell

    Kill 50 enemies with the whip shortly after teleporting them over multiple playthroughs

  • Ironic Punishment Division

    Use the whip to disarm a target, pick up the weapon, and use it to kill the same target

  • Self Flagellation

    Have 30 Enemies die while they are under the effects of Inner Demon over multiple playthroughs


    Teleport to and assassinate 20 marked enemies in a single playthrough

  • Chopping Block

    Kill 100 enemies disabled by status effects with an axe as a Punisher over multiple playthroughs

  • It's a Living

    Inflict bleeding status on 50 enemies while wearing the executioner's hood over multiple playthroughs

  • Arsenal

    Hold a crossbow, bow and all ammo types in your inventory at once as a Hunter

  • If You Love Something

    Have the Boomerang return to you 100 times after hitting an enemy over multiple playthroughs

  • Gudiparian Bazi

    Escape the Citadel without ever hitting an enemy with a melee weapon as a Hunter from the beginning of the game

  • Strung Out

    Use swift ammunition while wielding the compound bow to score 10 hits on enemies in a short amount of time

  • Fell Beast

    Do a very large amount of damage to an enemy using a ranged weapon with a single shot

  • Please Hold

    Hit an enemy with Hunting or Fire Ammo, and then stall them with Springshot Ammo

  • Swingers

    Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Incubus and Succubus are in the party

  • Cold Blooded

    Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Vampire and an Insectoid are in the party

  • Soulless

    Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Automaton and Skeleton are in the party

  • Tribal

    Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Goatman and Goblin are in the party

  • Management Team

    Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a Mechanist and a Mesmer are in the party

  • Sociopaths

    Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where an Accursed and a Punisher are in the party

  • Faces of Death

    Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a Shaman and Conjurer are in the party

  • Survivalists

    Escape the Mines in cooperative game where a Hunter and Brewer are in the party

  • I Want it All

    Play as every DLC class and race

  • Rust In Peace

  • Machine Head

    Have a crossbow sentry, magic sentry and gyrocopter all active at once

  • Rage Against the Machine

    Kill 20 enemies while they are attacking Dummybots over multiple playthroughs

  • Guerilla Radio

    Kill 20 enemies who are being drawn towards a Noisemaker

  • Bombtrack

    Have 5 bombs triggered by a single foe within 5 seconds

  • Calm Like a Bomb

    Throw a damaging bomb at a foe who was put to sleep by a sleep bomb

  • Caught in a Mosh

    Have at least 4 sentries target the same monster at once

  • Spicy!

    Consume 10 Scrolls of Fire as a true Automaton


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