Balkadia Achievements

Full list of all 15 Balkadia achievements.

  • Untouchable

    Don't get hit in Leshy's forest.

  • Collector

    Hold 100 souls at any point in 'Giant World'.

  • Whip Archer

    Collect a soul and defeat an enemy in the 'Haunted Tower' using the projectile attack.

  • Infiltrator

    Reach the castle in 15 seconds without taking damage.

  • Soulless

    Defeat Mirev without collecting any souls.

  • Bone Master

    Reach and destroy the first bone wall under 30 seconds without damage from anything.

  • Dreamer

    Reach the nightmare boss with full health.

  • Whip Master

    Defeat all forms of Yaga without the flame whip.

  • Sea Master

    Finish the cruise with half your health or more.

  • Healer's Hope

  • Mountain Master

    Pass the mountain with 75 souls or more.

  • Flame Master

  • Story Connoisseur

    Perform a special act during the ending of Balkadia. What could that be?