Avalon: The Journey Begins achievements

Avalon: The Journey Begins

There are 20 Avalon: The Journey Begins achievements worth 200

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Avalon: The Journey Begins Achievements

Junior Traveller10

Visit 10 sectors

Veteran Traveller10

Visit 20 sectors

Expert Traveller10

Visit 40 sectors

Economy Minor Victory10

Get 2000 economy points

Explorations Minor Victory10

Get 2000 exploration points

Adventures Minor Victory10

Get 2000 adventures points

Science Minor Victory10

Get 2000 science points

Warfare Minor Victory10

Get 2000 warfare points

Diplomatic Minor Victory10

Get 2000 diplomatic points

Rookie Data Chip Finder10

Collect 5 electronic data chips

Good Soul10

Get +50 in good/bad

Bad Soul10

Get -50 in good/bad

Creature Slayer I10

Kill 5 creatures

Creature Slayer II10

Kill 10 creatures

Creature Slayer III10

Kill 20 creatures

Veteran Data Chip Finder10

Collect 10 electronic data chips

Expert Data Chip Finder10

Collect 20 electronic data chips


Collect 100 fossils

Dreadnaught Killer10

Destroy 1 Lucicron Dreadnaught

Universe Master10

Complete the main goal!