Anno 1800 Achievements

Here is the full list of all 112 Anno 1800 achievements.

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  • DLC: Aero Tycoon

    Build one hangar on each of the 4 Arctic plateaus (The Passage).

  • DLC: All Under Control

    Unlock all the Departments of the Palace (Seat of Power).

  • DLC: Cultural Capitol

    Have at least a zoo, a museum, a world's fair and a public mooring within the palace's area of influence for 30 minutes (Seat of Power).

  • DLC: Apparatus of State

    Have at least one trade union, town hall and harbourmaster's office, with 4 item slots equipped at each (Seat of Power).

  • DLC: Prime Minister

    Unlock all the palace policies (Seat of Power).

  • DLC: Megopalace

    Build 40 wings for the palace (Seat of Power).

  • DLC: Long Term Grains

    Have one working silo in the Old World region (Bright Harvest).

  • DLC: Traction Control

    Have at least 10 farms with working tractors supplied by only one fuel station (Bright Harvest).

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