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And Yet It Moves

And Yet It Moves Achievements

Here is the full list of all 30 And Yet It Moves achievements.

  • Demolition Man

    Break out all the stones in Break Them All.

  • Gift

    Play the Credits to the end and receive your present.

  • Tabula Rasa

    Finish Tabula Rasa completely without dying.

  • Stuntman

    Survive a very dangerous fall by landing on a steep slope.

  • Surfer

    Surf on moving objects for about 25 meters without touching the ground and land it safely.

  • Monster Drop

    Drop the monster out of the world in Horny Pet.

  • Suicidal Tendencies

    Get over a total death count of 1000 rips.

  • Around The World

    Do a 360 degree ride on a swing.

  • Rip

    Die all possible deaths without quitting the game.

  • Random

    Well ... be lucky!

  • Addicted

    Play 'And Yet It Moves' for at least 3:30 hours without quitting the game.

  • Kamikaze

    Fall through a whole level from the first check point to the level end point (and rip there).

  • Frozen

    Complete any level by only turning the world (no walking/jumping).

  • Time Challenge Chapter One

    Beat the Chapter One Marathon in less than 5 minutes.

  • Time Challenge Chapter Two

    Beat the Chapter Two Marathon in less than 20 minutes.

  • Time Challenge Chapter Three

    Beat the Chapter Three Marathon in less than 25 minutes.

  • Bat-Wetter

    Heat wave in the cave! Cool down a sweating bat with a drop of water in The Great Escape.

  • Zookeeper

    Feed the monkey with a fresh and undamaged banana.

  • Gregor

    Earn stamps on five different levels in the Limited Rotations mode.

  • MC Colin Ray

    Earn stamps on five different levels in the Time Trial mode.

  • Robinson Crusoe

    Earn stamps on five different levels in the Survival mode.

  • Perfectionist

    Earn a stamp in each level on every mode.

  • Crazy

    Earn all the gold stamps and complete all the achievements!

  • Casey

    Survive surfing the coconut-throwing monkey.

  • Cheater

    Beat the Spin Cycle level with all the cheats active.

  • Cave Dweller

    Complete Chapter One.

  • Tarzan

    Complete Chapter Two.

  • Guru

    Complete Chapter Three.

  • All boni

    Complete all the bonus levels.

  • Shown White

    Ride on a severed branch in Chapter Two for about 20 meters without touching the ground.

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