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Amazing World Achievements

Here is the full list of all 69 Amazing World achievements.

  • Gone Fishing

    Collect Common Caster, Basic Fishbowl, Moon Ray, Sunny Ray, and Fishing Cap.

  • Kooky Cooking

    Collect Patio Set, Mega Meatball, Cannoli Cart, Pasta Pinwheel, and Chef's Chimney.

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  • My First Garden

    Collect Bloom's Chimenea, Amazing Grass, Amazing Flowers, Amazing Tree, and Silvertip Flower.

  • Deck The Walls

    Collect Modern Fall Wallpaper, Cosmic Wallpaper, Cannoli's Wallpaper, Busky's Wallpaper, Nibs style Wallpaper, Howl's Wallpaper, Diva Wallpaper, and Pink Wallpaper.

  • Designs By Draper

    Collect Draper Hedge, Draper Park Bench, Garden Statue , Sprite Lamp , Transparent Waterfall Wall, Garden Vine , and Zigzag Hedge.

  • Just Joking

    Collect Balloon Bench, Funny Flowers, Googley Eyes, Whoopee cushion chair, Circus Vanity, Howlarious Comedy Stage, and Howl's Trampoline.

  • Princess Style

    Collect Enchanted Gloves, Enchanted Slippers, Enchanted Skirt, Enchanted Top, Enchanted Wings, Enchanted Jacket, and Enchanted Wand.

  • Castle Living

    Collect Castle Vanity, Castle Dining Table, Castle Bed, Castle Dining Chair, Castle Photo, Castle Door, and Castle Throne.

  • Pillage and Plunder

    Collect Pirate Captain Hat, Pirate Pants , Pirate Boots, Pirate Jacket, and Pirate Shirt.

  • Zero Gravity

    Collect Hover Chair, Hover Couch, Hover Love Seat, Hover Pod, Hover Spotlight, and Hover Table.

  • Holiday Fun!

    Collect Holiday Door, Holiday Window, Spinning Holiday Tree, Elf Jacket, Elf Hat, Snow Machine Hat, Snowflake Gloves, and Snowflake Hoodie.

  • Ice Cream Dreams

    Collect Super Sundae, Gelato's Cart, Frozen Flowers, Mochiman (Snowman), Sprinkle Snow Machine, Ice Cream Tower, and Gelato's Sundae Slide.

  • Space Academy

    Collect Space Academy Helmet, Space Academy Jacket , Crystal Backpack , Space Academy Boots, Space Academy Pants, and Space Academy Gloves.

  • Catch of the Day

    Collect Bog Bouncer, Giggle Fish, Hammer Tooth, Mango-lope, Pungent Leaper, and Smug Snapper.

  • Dare to be Rare

    Collect Big Chooba, Macho Fish, P.B. Jelly Fish, Sprite Chaser, Stick Fish, Dolphicorn, and Omega Mega Guppy.

  • Treasure Finder

    Collect Crates, Rune Hat, Rune Jacket, Rune Tent, and Statue.

  • Hair Care

    Collect Orange Afro, Puffy Punk Wig, Frosted Wig, Granny Wig, Amazing Mohawk, and Crystal Mohawk.

  • Spacey Style

    Collect Space Hologram, Robo Chair, Little Larry Lamp, Cosmic Floor, and Space Pod Bed.

  • Fantastic Fish

    Collect Gold Shark of Destiny, Princess Ruby Fish, and Steve.

  • Knight Time

    Collect Knight Shield, Knight Armor, Knight Gloves, Knight Pants, Knight Helmet, and Knight Boots.

  • Ice Cream of the Crop

    Collect Gelato Stache, Double Cone Headphones, and Big Scoop Bomber Jacket.

  • Garden Ranger

    Collect Junior Ranger Hat, Ranger Vest, and Bloom Backpack.

  • 3 Zing Circus

    Collect Biscotti, Hawt Dog, and Charcow.

  • Sweatin' To The Beat!

    Collect Workout Leggings, Workout Top, Workout Headband, and Yoga Mat.

  • Strawberry Spirit!

    Collect Strawberry Cheer Wig, Strawberry Cheer Top, Strawberry Cheer Skirt, Strawberry Cheer Shoes, and Strawberry Pom Poms.

  • Blueberry Blast!

    Collect Blueberry Cheer Wig, Blueberry Cheer Top, Blueberry Cheer Skirt, Blueberry Cheer Shoes, and Blueberry Pom Poms.

  • Free Chilly

    Collect Rasla, Loki, and Toonya.

  • Toil and Trouble!

    Collect Spellbinder Hat, Broom Rider Hat, Crafty Conjurer Hat, Potion Mixer Hat, Wise Witch Hat, and Skilled Sorceress Hat.

  • Creature From The Deep

    Collect Jurassic Jumper, Jurassic Paws, Jurassic Feet, and Jurassic Tail.

  • Victorious Viking

    Collect Viking Helmet, Viking Armour, Viking Boots, Viking Britches, and Viking Shield.

  • Being Frank

    Collect Monsterious Head, Monsterious Shirt, Monsterious Feet, and Monsterious Pants.

  • Monster Mash-Up

    Collect Wicked Witch Hat, Webspinner Knapsack, Jurassic Hood, Jack-o-Jacket, Wizard Wand, Beachstormer Boat, Monstrous Mattress, and Witchcraft Cauldron.

  • Festive Collection I

    Collect Festive Snowflake Ball, Festive Mangoberry Cane and Festive Ribbon.

  • Festive Collection II

    Collect Festive Jester's Ball, Festive Swell Bell and Festive Berrymint Cane.

  • Festive Collection III

    Collect Festive Folky's Teardrop, Festive Frosty Teardrop and Festive Delightful Drum.

  • Ultimate Festive Collection

    Collect Festive Felt Acorn, Festive Superstar and Festive Gingerbread Zing.

  • Lovely Treats

    Collect Ha Ha Candy Heart, UR Pretty Candy Heart, Cuddly Candy Heart, Sweet Candy Heart, Hi/Bye Candy Heart, Be Mine Candy Heart and Kiss Me Candy Heart.

  • Lovely Possessions

    Collect Lovely Vanity, Flutter Heart Bed, Lovely Chair, Love Grows Plant, Hearts Forever Table and Full of Love Fridge.

  • All Set For Spring

    Collect Pink Tulip, Orange Tulip, Blue Tulip, Purple Muscari, Blue Muscari, Pink Muscari, Yellow Daffodil, Pink Daffodil and White Daffodil

  • All You Can Eat

    Collect Rich Caviar Sushi, Excellent Egg Sushi, Healthy Handroll, Sweet Salmon Sushi, Shi Si Mi Roll'in, Super Shrimp Sushi and Tasty Tuna Sushi

  • Sun Set

    Collect Blueberry Breeze Chair, Yummy Mangosteen Chair, Orange Burst Chair, Prickly Pineapple Chair and Juicy Kiwi Chair

  • Fresh Is Best

    Blooming Toadstool Bench, Collect Crunchy Cob O’ Corn, Lil Marshmallow Stick, Mega Marshmallow Stick, Zucchini Stick and Camp fire

  • Sizzling Selections

    Collect Rainbow Shrimp Stick, Shweet Shish Kebab, Sizzling Hot Dog, Camp fire and Tent Bed

  • Rot Lot

    Freakish Fence, Creepy Gate, Creepy Lamp, Creepy Crypt, Trunk of Terror and Wicked Willow

  • Sweet Suite

    xmas BerryRolyPoly, xmas Bowtie Berry, xmas candycane1, xmas JollyRolyPoly, xmas KringleDream, xmas mint red, xmas PloomDuff, xmas star cookie2 and Placeable.xmas TwinkleTree

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