Alien Hallway Achievements

Full list of all 20 Alien Hallway achievements.

  • Invincible

    Complete any level of the last planet without loss of friendly units

  • Master of defense

    Upgrade the base till 5th level

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  • Air force

    Upgrade airstrike till 7th level

  • Elite only!

    Call for 5 Heavy laser gunners during the battle

  • Hell

    Call for 20 Flamethrowers during the battle

  • Mean

    Accumulate 1000 energy units during the battle (can't be achieved on "Resources refill" and "Final Step" levels)

  • Extreme

    Win the battle with lower than 50% health level of your base

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  • Great commander

    Upgrade all friendly units till 4th level

  • Professional

    Complete the game on extreme level of difficulty

  • Phantom warrior

    Have 10 Snipers simultaneously present during the battle