404Sight Achievements

Full list of all 19 404Sight achievements. It takes around 0-1 hour to unlock all of the achievements on Windows.

  • Common Carrier

    Spend 40 seconds total in neutral lanes in a single level.

  • Gigabit Guru

    Spend 24 seconds total in fast lanes in level 10.

  • Dial-Up Denizen

    Spend 15 seconds total in slow lanes in a single map.

  • Speed Test

    Used your sprint ability for the first time.

  • I Missed

    Died from falling off the map.

  • Packet Loss

    Died from running out of bandwidth.

  • Repeat Offender

    Die 3 times due to running out of bandwidth.

  • 404 Flight

    Died from falling off the map a total of 4 times.

  • Power User

    Spend over 60 seconds total with max bandwidth in level 8.

  • Data Cap

    Spend over 35 seconds total with less than half bandwidth in level 2.