30XX Achievements

Here is the full list of all 50 30XX achievements.

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  • Fashionably Equipped

    Complete the Resonant Armor set.

  • Challenger

    Complete a Daily Challenge.

  • Contender

    Complete 5 Daily Challenges.

  • Rude Interruption

    On level 8, destroy all four of Zen Primus' Shield Statues within a four-second window.

  • Keep Moving Like They Do

    On level 8, avoid damage from Echobeast for one minute without destroying any Sonar Bouncers.

  • Quadrakill

    On level 8, destroy all four Lethal Tempo faces with a single attack.

  • Gotcha!

    On level 8, defeat Hoot Omega before it reaches its final position.

  • Shadowstomper

    On level 8, defeat Absolution without letting a Void persist for longer than two seconds.

  • Fistsmasher

    On level 8, defeat Capital Punishment using only the room's Exploding Barrels.

  • Shape Respecter

    On level 8, defeat Legacy without dealing damage to any of his Shapes.

  • Topsy Turvy

    On level 8, defeat Experiment 9 without using the Gravity Fields (always be upside down).

  • Speedwalker

    Complete the game within 28 minutes.

  • Gray Walker

    Complete the game with 10 or less maximum HP.

  • Ol' Reliable

    Beat the game with the starting primary and no boss powers.

  • Speedy Pilgrim

    Complete a Pilgrimage 2 run in 35 minutes.

  • What He Became

    He gave himself to something more.

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