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Links from Achievement Lists incorrectly generated

WebChimp UKFixed
Registered on 19 October 2015 (Year 0 - TrueSteamAchievements Beta Tester)9 posts
Last post: 25 Oct 15 at 14:18
Posted on 25 October 15 at 14:18
When attempting to access a game's page from my personal Achievement lists (Easy Achievements, My Achievements) I am being redirected to the home page. The problem appears to be how the list is generating these links:

Incorrect link: Vermin360's Torchlight

Correct link: https://truesteamachievements.com/Torchlight/achievements?ga...

Note that the correct link is taken from the My Games list, while the incorrect link is taken from the Achievement lists.
Registered on 20 October 2015 (Year 0 - TrueSteamAchievements Beta Tester)8 completed games(Includes owned DLC)295 posts
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Posted on 25 October 15 at 14:37
These bugs are linked Game Page Games
Its that guy from the thing in the place.
TrueSteamAchievements Administrator3 site referrals395 posts
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Posted on 26 October 15 at 09:30
Thanks, Vermin360. This is fixed pending a site update. toast
Posted on 30 October 15 at 09:45
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