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Master of Unlocking in The Evil Within

Master of Unlocking22

Open up all the lockers in the save room.

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Achievement won on 24 Feb 18
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Posted on 04 March 18 at 15:23, Edited on 10 March 18 at 03:29
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Chapter 2
Key #1: In Chapter 2 when you reach the 1st Gate, it is directly to your left on the stone wall.

Key #2: When you reach the big Bonfire with the Haunted just sitting in front of it. Instead of heading left towards the 2nd gate, head straight towards a house. Inside the house is a boarded up room. Use your melee to break the door down and the key is in a box on the desk.

Chapter 3:

Key #3: Climb the big tower at the end of the level and if you look down the hole that the ladder is in you can see this on one of the towers supports

Key #4: If you enter the barn from the door on the 2nd level, Immediately turn left towards the Sadist and there is a ladder going upwards. Head up the ladder and there will be a statue on a desk.

Key #5: Go to the bottom level of the barn and exit out the back. Head down the back alley and you will see some stairs. Instead of going up those stairs, take the path beside them at ground level and look at the top corner of the wall. There should be a haunted standing on the ground beside the wall that has the statue on it.

Key #6: Head out into the open( Middle of the map where all the haunted are). If you look upwards you can see a statue on a rope hanging. I think the rope is between the house of the shooting haunted and the one Marcello is in.

Chapter 4:

Key #7: This key is in the Torso of the body the doctor is working on. Search the x-ray on the desk to see they keys and then you can interact with the body.

Key #8: When you follow Ruvik and you are washed away in a flood of blood. You will appear in a blood soaked room where a bunch of enemies will spawn when you get near the white door. There are 3 sitches in the main area. One will activate a trap, one will drain the blood and the third one will release a body from a chute. Use the 3rd one a second time and it will drop a statue from a chute.

Chapter 5:

Key #9: After killing the invisible Haunted, you will come to a hole in the floor. Drop down and there will be a Rat with a statue on its back.

Key#10: When you are following the pipes to save Kidman. In the hall with all the jail cells. The statue is in the 2nd last cell to the right. It will be sitting on the bed.

Key #11: When you trigger Laura and run to the oil patch to burn her. Go back into that room she spawned from and open the locker. A Bat with a statue on it will fly out.

Chapter 6:

Key #12: Right at the start after leaving the safe zone and appearing in a house basement. Leave the house and head towards the the gate. On your way to the gate there will be a house to your left. Inside this house you will see at the far side a body hanging. Behind that body is a statue in the window.

Key #13: Once you get the sniper if you zoom to the first ledge of the tower you can see a statue up there. When you shoot it, it will drop right in front of the door where the sadist spawns.

Key# 14: When you reach the market place. You will see an audio tape on one of the tables to the right. There will be stacked boxes to the right after this table, break them to expose a hole in the wall. Crawl through and you will find a statue to your left

Key #15: When you arrive in a room where you need to lower the sacrifices onto the table, head left to where you see body bags being moved. The statue will be on one of those body bags.

Chapter 7:

Key #16: When you find the first wall where you knife the panel of a head out to reveal a hidden room, you will see a safe to your left. Open the safe to get a key.

**** When you arrive in the big room where a giant stone falls on the keeper and you need to place 3 panels on it to open the path, complete the left path first or else you will be unable to get key #18

Key #17: On the path to the right, you will come into a room with an audio tape at the opposite end of the room. To the left will be a trap with a switch. Use it to lower the trap, jump on top and when it rises you will see the statue on the corner closest to the wall and entrance.

Key #18: Shortly after Key #17 you will reach a room with a gate. Once you interact with this gate, a group of deformed haunted will bust through a door. You want to enter that door. If you completed the left path, there will not be any gas, if not the area below wll be flooded with purple gas. Head down the stairs, turn right and follow the path down. There are a lot of traps so be careful. At the end of the path you will see a room with a circle of green gel in the middle as well as a statue.

Key #19: Once you head back from key #18, open that gate and continue forward. You will eventually reach a room where there is another ceiling trap as well as the panel for the big stone that fell on the keeper. Instead of grabbing the panel, activate the switch for the trap and get on top. Quickly run to the opening on the other side of the room. If you are on the trap too long you will be crushed. In the opening you will come to a table with a big green jel and a box with a key in it.

Chapter 8:

Key #20: When you arrive at the first gate, You will need to turn the wheel to open the door. Once opened you will see a statue lower on the chain attached to that wheel.

Key #21: After opening the 2nd gate where a bunch of little annoying enemies spawn when you interact with the gate, you will need to traverse through a watery area. On your right you will see small waterfalls. The statue will be in the last one. It is hard to see to just run up and melee it.

Key #22: When you get transported to a medical room. There will be a document and an audio tape in this room as well. There will be a blocked off door with a bunch of pipes in front of it, you will see the statue popping out of the one that is diagonally facing that blocked door.

Chapter 9:

Key #23: When you are outside the estate, to the right is a tree that has the statue in it.

Key #24: Once you enter the Estate, head upstairs and into the room in the middle with two doors. Look up towards the ceiling and in one of the corners where the window is on the ceiling you will see a statue.

Key #25: On the main floor head to the room to the left. It will be a dining room with a document in it. Continue down this path until you reach the end where you are in the room with the brain prob puzzle. On the top of the first shelf is the statue

Key #26: On the 2nd floor when you trip the trap that grabs you and tries to pull you into the grinder. Head straight into the bedroom and turn left. It will be on the dresser.

Key #27: When you are in the barn and need to escape get to the top where the window is and burn the haystack to the right. A statue will be there. This must be done before interacting with the window.

Chapter 10:

Key #28: Right at the start go down the ladder and forward through the hall. You will come up to a Save room. Continue to your right, down the stairs and down the ladder. WARNING!!! There is a wire trap near the base of the ladder. If you trip this you can not get the key, the trap will block off the room. Once you avoid the trap head in the room to your right and you will see 3 boxes in a corner. Break them to reveal a statue.

Key #29: After you deal with the area with that swinging blade and the circus music you will reach a room with a large door that has a switch with no power to it. Once you turn the corner and see the door, look left and you will see a small opening. There is a statue and a low hanging trap. Shoot the statue and quickly grab it before the trap drops.

Key #30: After powering up the generator and fighting your 1st Trauma. You will encounter you first orange glowing grate. It will push forward to crush you, but if you look behind you will see a statue. Shoot it and crawl under. Do not worry, you take no damage from the bake of the grate if it closes.

Key #31: This key can only be obtained if you kill Laura in chapter 10 which is very difficult outside of NewGame+. If you kill here head towards the elevator but do not go in. Turn to the right and go around. You will see a statue on the ground against the cage.

Chapter 11:

Key #32: Near the start on a horse on the Merry go round.

Key #33: You will reach a point when the ground crumples beneath you and you fall into the water. This is right before being introduced to the water beast that you need to distract with bodies to swim across. Near the back of the Pond or whatever you want to call it, you will see a floating statue. Push it towards a car or land and destroy it for a key.

Key #34: After riding the yellow trolly/elevator across where you are defending against hordes of haunted throwing Molotovs, Axes and shooting machine guns. Follow the path across some pipes into the building and you will see a vending machine. Interact with it twice to drop a statue.

Key #35: After rescuing Kidman a Haunted with a machine gun comes out of an elevator in the next room. Kill it and open the elevator for a statue.

Key #36: After exiting the mannequin plant. Use your sniper to zoom towards the 2nd Crane and you will see a statue hanging. Shoot it and the key will be at the end of the level in front of the entrance to where Joseph is.

Chapter 12:


Chapter 13:

Key #37: After you pass the area with two fake Ruvik's, you will head down some stairs to an area where the Keeper is. Go into the room he is in, wait for him to leave and if you look up through the hole in the floor, you will see a statue. You can shoot it from the floor above as well but you can only grab it on the lower floor. Be aware that the key will be in the statue again if you ever load a save.

Key #38: After the save room, you will go through a white door and drop down. Open the next door and turn yo your right. Walk to the end and look around the piping. There will be a statue there.

Key #39: In the Kitchen when the green saw things start flying around. It will It is on the first counter on your left. It is at the back and you will need to be on the far side of the counter to grab it.

Key #40: After escaping the keeper and riding up Dummy Waiter, you will get out and ther will be a statue

Chapter 14:

Key #41: At the beginning of the level, just before the save room, you will see a yellow sign. Move to the pillar and look to the roof and you will see an area with a panel missing. It will be at the top of the wall.

Key #42: After leaving the train full of explosives, you will see two trains beside each other. Look in the right train's back window and you will see the statue. You can shoot it there but you need to enter the left train and move to the right train through the train doors and then move to the back.

Key #43: This will be in the next room after the monster grabs you and you need to shoot it to make it let go. You will reach an area where you are walking in a flooded hallway. You will see a wire trap, which if triggered traps you between electricity. If you look to your right you will see it behind a fence as you walk down the hallway. Take the first right and take the next right and a third right and you will be right in front of it

Key #44: After beating the boss and activating the generator, instead of going in the elevator, head right all the way to the back and crawl underneath the electricity. In the Web Goo should be a statue

Key #45: The last statue is near the very end as you get outside. You will see a train that is covered in rubble and the statue will be sitting right in front of it. It will be very hard to miss.

Key #46&47: You will receive these from one of the locked lockers
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