Savage Lands Update #36, Build, is live!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
The original "Sundered Isle's" content, which utilized Unity 4, has been moved to a Legacy Branch allowing players to access their old save data and continue playing the old content as they wish. Transferring save data between the Main game branch and the Legacy game branch is not supported.

Big Changes:
Traps, Player Buildable Walls, Collision Update, New Potions, and Earth Golems!

New Features & Patch Notes:
Traps have finally made their way to the islands Tarvhas. The first one available to be made is a simple rabbit snare.

Player Buildable Walls are available to construct and offer your shelters more protection! They come in three different varieties: Stick, Wood, and Stone.

A Collision Update has been implemented and is ready for feedback. You should see fewer enemies getting stuck, running into the sea, or generally acting funky. Praise be to the invisible blocking gods!

New Potions are ready to be brewed! There are now 3 healing and 2 experimental potions that can offer you assistance in times of need.

Earth Golems are now spawning on Freydalyn in the low muddy areas. These very quick and deadly elementals will provide a new challenge for those that seek them out.

New items added! Here is a list of all of the new items that have been added or adjusted:

- All food items fill the player's hunger meter up quicker.
- Minor Hal Potion: A potion that restores a minor amount of health instantly
- Hal Potion: A potion that restores a moderate amount of health instantly.
- Great Hal Potion: A potion that restores a large amount of health instantly.
- Ghuul's Fang Potion: A potion that grants great stamina for a period of time before leaving the drinker fatigued afterwards.
- Searing Blood Potion: A potion that ignites the drinker's blood, harming them but warming them up.
- Grinfel’s now drop Grinfel Hearts - an ingredient used for potions.
- Infernal Ghuul’s now drop Searing Blood - an ingredient used for potions.
- Ghuuls of all variants now drop Ghuul’s Fang - an ingredient used for potions.
- Boar Meat healing stat has been reduced.


- New icons and art added to the Journal.


- New art added to Freydalyn, and Jormungahr.


- Ryncth, the rare Red Spirit Wolf has had a spawn rate increase.
- Skeletons can now path into hip deep water.

Bug Fixes:

- Items should no longer disappear from players inventory.
- Various bugs and crashes have been fixed.

Known Issues

- LOD issues with certain objects.
- Enemies popping and not pathing correctly.

Next Up:

- New enemies.
- Item adding and balancing continues.
- More art and design updates to the new world.
- Bug fixes.
Michelle-Louise Janion
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