Concealed Intent Version 0.9.18 Released

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Another new version. The main difference here is the addition of Steam Achievements. I have also made some balancing changes to hopefully aid stealth tactics (yours & the AI) and made the 3rd mission, Pickup, easier as it seems to be the place most people stop. A bunch of cosmetic issues and mission edge-cases have also been cleaned up.

Based on feedback, next will be some more work on the tutorial and trying to teach some of the basic tactics in the tutorial or early missions.

Current Version: 0.9.18 (27th November 2015)

Known Issues:
• Steam Overlay can sometimes cause some macs to hang on startup - need to disable Overlay
• One report of regular crashes, as yet unable to replicate

Immediate Roadmap:
• Look again at the tutorial & give tactical hints in early missions
• Online improvements
• More randomized skirmishes?
• Balance/AI suggestions/feedback?
• Display component stats on tooltip?
• Performance enhancements?

0.9.17 (23rd November 2015) -> 0.9.18 (27th November 2015)

• Steam achievements
• Made Pickup a little easier
• Adjusted down detection boundaries
• Added heightmarkers to tutorial move targets
• Increased detection decay and decreased mid-range passive sensor sensitivity to encourage hiding
• Prevent delta location being inside naturals (move instead to nearest free space)
• AI targeting by most dangerous now orders by closest if danger levels are equal (so targeting only drones works better)
• Hide actions (like cm & sensors) for stacked entities so they do not appear as if the top-of-stack is planning them.
• Prevent overlap of text and completed tick on missions list for some resolutions
• Enable targetting of entities in the same stack as firer
• Reset Heightmarker layer when depreviewed (stopping height markers displaying randomly)
• Remove generated name tag from generated ships
• Clicking on offscreen indicators now selects & focuses, rather than just focus
• Clicking on stack selector now selects, rather than just moving to the top of the stack
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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