Foresight V1.08b-TRIAL2 Released!

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Dear all,

I'm glad to announce that TRIAL2 has been released! This patch primarily deals with the broken multiplayer issue TRIAL had and as well as many other bugs along the way.


- Direct hitting ships such as UNC Gunship and NSAU Patrol Corvette will no longer check against hitting a friendly shield. (ie, an overlapping NSAU space dock shield). The reason is because this causes the ship to not fire at their targets, rendering them completely useless in a defense battle.

As their primary role is anti-fighter, it's unacceptable that they can't even hit fighters just because they might hit another friendly ship/structure's shields.

We've preserved the overlapping shield principle but allowed direct hitting weapons to pass through friendly shields.

As a result, UNC Gunship and NSAU Patrol Corvette are more lethal and useful than before. Balancing will be done to either increase or decrease (most likely the case) their firepower in due time.

- Adjusted the scout's AI global patrol behavior. Now they'll hunt for the enemy base and enemy player and will not be deterred just because they've seen your scouts. This makes the scouts more vulnerable but more valuable since it now can accurately highlight the position of the enemy player (in this case, your position) before heading to set up an observation post.

- Improved the way AI reacts to your attacks. They will no longer be as docile or daft.
- Improved the tenacity of the AI's desire to create a fleet. Should the ship tagged as the flagship be destroyed, another will take its place.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue with multiplayer where a regression error has broken the multiplayer completely in TRIAL. Non-beta versions aren't affected.
- Fixed an issue where AI players get created and executed even on the client's machine. Only the server should excuse AI across a multiplayer game.
- Fixed a bug where enemy ships' flight paths may occasionally appear on your sector map inadvertently.
- Fixed a bug with the AI scripts where specifications are done wrongly in a way that small fleets are being created incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue with threads in the game that doesn't close properly and thus hanging the game.


I anticipate more improvements and bug fixes to come in the next 2 weeks. Since our timeline is 3 weeks since the release of TRIAL and now it's TRIAL2, I'd expect more to be done till the main release.

Thanks again for trying out the beta and giving us valuable feedback! I'd try to arrange for a multiplayer session with you as soon as possible.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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