Quest of Dungeons Update/Expansion 2.0 Released

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Hi everyone.

So, yes, I just pushed the 2.0 update to the main branch, which means that everyone should receive the update now.

First things first, it is quite possible that some people will experience bugs or problems, and for that I'm sorry in advance, the game got a lot of changes since that stable version so stuff can happen.

For anyone who experiences problems or wants to go back to the old version I left it, so you can revert. Here's how:

External image

Thank you for all the patience. I know this took more time than I originally said. The game was finished but after the Xbox One port got more content I felt like it should be here too. But as I mentioned before there were complications and well, I am working on this by myself and things take time (I know this is not your fault of course). Consider this update my humble offer for the supporters of the game, that have been there and helped shaping it to what it is today. I hope you have fun.

As a quick reference here's some of the new stuff, just the "headlines"

-Added whole new Dungeon "Rackan" (new floor sprites and enemies)
-New class (Necrodancer) yes, a homage (with permission) of Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer (go buy that game btw :)
-Added Custom game Mode, can choose amount of floors, floors size and difficulty
-A couple more achievements (taking into account the new content)
-Dead heroes can now return from the grave and attack you on a new Game
-New option (Graphics Options) to allow music to keep playing even on background, default is disabled. (should allow for better broadcasts)
-Last difficulty used is now saved for creating new game
-Added keys required for chests to minimap
-Procedural weapons no longer have more than 1 time the same stat
-Steal Ability doesn't steal everything in a slot 100% of the time anymore, now it' a chance of stealing x items from the slot
-Several dozens of other tweaks and improvements

PS: New mansion and character unlocks after you finish the game

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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