Cobalt [Beta] Restart story, kaboom balance, alpha survival online

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago

This beta is a bit more alpha than other betas.

Survival online is in this beta, it has known stability issues. If you despite this warning want to try it out, feel free! If/when you run into trouble, please let us know here!

Due to the balance changes, you will not see regular lobbies when you use the beta.

Full change log:

• You can now restart Story Chapters! This allows you to play it again if you so please. You will not lose any access to other story nodes by doing so.

• Added more checkpoints to The Trappers outdoor maps.
• Added ammo pickup feedback that shows what kind of ammo and how much you received.
• Lowered frequency and reduced speed of lava balls on Deathmatch map “Secret Hideout”.
• Lava balls have been reworked. They will bounce on the lava a couple of times until they die and explode. They are also targets now, and when shot will fly across the map, bouncing violently with explosions a couple of times until they explode. The hit damage has been reduced to (0.25) was (1), but they now have splash damage explosions up to (0.75).
• Dynamite heat wave halved speed.
• Dynamite halved amount of heat waves.
• Dynamite reduced heat-wave bounciness to (0.1) was (0.15)
• Thermal bomb now emits (5) instant heat in a radius too was (0).
• Thermal bomb increased speed of heat wave by 50%
• Thermal bomb increased heat of heat-wave to (10), was (1)
• Thermal bomb increased heat-wave bounciness to (0.3) was (0.15)
• Thermal bomb added explosive push against other grenades (like all other bombs)
• ”Weaving Spikebacks” can now swim.
• Explosive force on tiles (boxes and such) increased by 5 times!
• Equipped shield belts in the ship now come fully charged! No need to waste a battery each time.
• Made the first jump in “Trunkopolis Enclave” easier.

• Fixed Team-Strike map “Forest” not having any default music.
• Fixed ammo pickups not prioritizing the selected weapon.
• Fixed upgrade icons not showing up until you inspect them.
• Fixed crash related to rail burster with upgrade wheel in story
• Fixed “leftSafeZone” not working properly in classic survival
• Fixed ciphers not being saved as drops in story, making them disappear if you leave the map before picking it up.
• Fixed report tags being deleted when restarting story chapters.
• Fixed Clients not being able to push boxes as easily as the host!
• Fixed UTF-8 file paths not saving config files correctly! People with é and other such characters in their folder name should now have less issues!
• Leaving a pet or vehicle in water now works correctly
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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