Piercing Blow MEGA WAVE

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
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Attention Operators

As we promised in a previous patch note and a preview, a big update is done on Piercing Blow. This update includes, two new modes, 8 new weapons, and plus a new mask. If you like to learn more about the update, we suggest you to read this patch note.



A super frenzy mode with zombies. Yes, finally zombies are on Piercing Blow. The game is simply about to survive from the horde of zombies and their attack in the sewer where you are trapped in. If you have waited for new AI mode, you will enjoy this.

Head Hunter

A new mode “Head Hunter” is going to be presented in coming up update. In this mode, the player is required to shoot opponents' head in order to make the kill. Shooting other body parts will also do a damage, but it will deals extremely lessor damages.

Except for the explosive and special weapons, the player can deal headshot with any kind of weapon, and it will instantly kill the opponents. However there is still a chance that the “Helmet Protection” might save them from the kill.

The reason why PB is presenting Head Hunter, is to provide much more challenging match to players to the very limit. Also anyone who like to practice headshot, this will be the perfect practice ground for you.


8 new weapons has been added to Piercing Blow includes, 5 weapons from Cupid series, Tactilite T2, XM8, and Ultimate 100 Madness. We were able to get few images of the weapons.

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AUG A3 Cupid

krS S.V Cupid
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P90 Ext. Cupid
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M1887 Cupid
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chT N200 Cupid

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The first promotion of the big update “Mega Wave” is for players who are new to Piercing Blow. So if it is your first visit to Piercing Blow, you better read this notice closely.

Piercing Blow is giving 30 dollar worth of welcome kit to all those who newly sign-in to Piercing Blow, and plus if you accomplish some task we ask, there will be extra prizes.

Event Period:
February 17 ~ March 15

To whom:
To every player who newly sign-in to Piercing Blow.

If the player reaches Rank 1 (Private Grade I): krS S.V 3D
If the Player reaches Rank 7 (Corporal Grade I): Cupid Mask 3D
If the Player reaches Rank 13 (Staff Sergeant Grade I): Aug A3 Cupid 7D and chT N200 Cupid 7D

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The second promotion of the big update “Mega Wave” is for players who are coming back to Piercing Blow. All players who does not have their log since Dec 1 has chance to join the event, so if you have not played Piercing Blow since November, you must read this notice carefully.

Event Period:
February 17 ~ March 15

To whom:
All Player who haven’t logged in to game since Dec 1.

If the player logs in to game for at least 3days or more during the event period:
150% EXP 7D / Nurse Skin 7D

If the player logs in to game for at least 7days or more during the event period:
Aug A3 D 7D

If the player reaches 400 TS during the event period:
Aug A3 Cupid 7D / Nick Name Change 1M

Best regards,

Piercing Blow.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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