Warframe Hotfix 18.4.12: Saryn Prime

By Rebecca Smith, 2 years ago
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Saryn Prime Access

Lure enemies to their death with the venomous beauty contained in this Prime Access!

Use the latest Prime Warframe today when you purchase Saryn Prime Access - including Saryn Prime, Nikana Prime, Spira Prime, and exclusive cosmetics only available through Prime Access!

SARYN PRIME - A golden blossom conceals deadly nectar.

NIKANA PRIME - An ancient blade predating the fall of the Orokin Empire. Forged using techniques lost over the centuries, the edge remains sharper than that of any modern Nikana.

SPIRA PRIME - These rare, braided throwing daggers were a favorite tool of high ranking Orokin assassins.

CYCUTA PRIME SYANDANA - An ancient Syandana worn during Tenno purification meditation.

CYCUTA PRIME SIGIL - This ancient glyph was the focus of an ancient Tenno meditation ritual.

Get Prime Access here.

Full Update Notes can be found here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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