Blood and Bacon A Lot Has Been Improved

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
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Main Menu under GFX settings you can now adjust the Pixel Ratio to squeeze unsqueeze the screen size (you should do this anyway). Check the Hot-Keys section in the main menu under Controls, because now you can minimize and maximize the window with F10, and turn ON/OFF borders with F9.

You can now REMAP all keys, and 3 mousebuttons LMB, MMB, and RMB to most of the game action keys !! Also you will notice in game the Blue Xbox ButtonX is replaced by the proper KeyBoard Mapping.

In the In-Game-Options you can now choose toggle-sprint ON or its either hold key to sprint, or toggle key to sprint . In the Game you can now melee and push dead carcasses into the grinder for an ear soothing crunch as the whole body NOW starts the grinder and gets ground up. Dead bodies are now shootable and pushable. The kicking of body parts has been much improved and made more accurate, no more random trajectories !!

The game now remembers how much ammo boxes you collected, and remembers which primary weapon you are holding as you travel to the next day, or skip days !!

The big boss explosions have been increased and have a new variety-set added. Also, there has been some memory leaks fixed, as well as some other bugs that stopped a few people from playing the game. So please check it out and give feedback !!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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