Tales of Maj'Eyal Embers of Rage: Release Date!

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
Embers of Rage will be available on the 23rd February of the year 2016 (yes that is in one week!) !

What is Embers of Rage?
It is the latest expansion for Tales of Maj'Eyal, and not a puny small thing at that! It is a whole new campaign that will take your characters from level 1 to 50 in a full set of brand new zones/quests/lore.

One year has passed since the one the Orcs call the "Scourge from the West" came and single-handedly crushed the Orc Prides of Grushnak, Vor, Gorbat, and Rak'Shor. The Allied Kingdoms, now linked by farportal to their distant, long-lost Sunwall allies, have helped them conquer most of Var'Eyal. The few remnants of the ravaged Prides are caged... but one Pride remains. Kruk Pride, isolated on an island, is the last orcish settlement that stands; they, too, face their impending doom. The Sunwall has blockaded the only exit point from the island, and now, the technologically advanced civilization of Steam Giants have come down from the mountains to take their homeland with machines and weaponry unlike anything else on Eyal. Kruk Pride has reverse-engineered their technology before; their only hope is to do it again and rise up against the Pride's foes.

What is inside ?
So many things! If you think a whole new campaign is great wait until you learn that you get 3 new races to play the campaign with:

• the Orcs (obviously!), fighting for the very survival of their race; the Kruk pride is all that is left
• the Yetis, well kinda! An orc mind in a powerful yeti's body!
• the Whitehooves, of which I will only say the name ;)

What would be a Tales of Maj'Eyal expansion without new classes? Good thing you'll also get 3 new classes:

All of which are part of the Tinker metaclass:

• learn to maw down your foes as a Sawbutcher, dual wielding steam-powered saws to bring hot steamy mayhem to your foes!
• become a master Gunslinger, filling your foes with bullets fired by your steam-powered guns; be elusive, be evasive, fire away and be awesome!
• merge machine and mind with the Psyshot, of which I will not speak any more ;)

But what would be a good tinker without items to improve and craft ? Nothing!

All tinker classes (and all other classes can learn) start with the ability to craft powerful items to improve their equipment. Do you need to run fast? strap Rocket Boots to your shoes! Do you need a quick heal? Inject a Healing Salve directly into your bloodstream! Do you love fire and flames? Strap an Incendiary Groove to your weapon!

There are over 70 crafts to choose and use.

The expansion also comes with a full contingent of artifacts, deadly foes, achievements and such. The classic stuff ;)

So, get ready! Oh and I may be posting a few teasers between now and the release, just to keep people ... teased ;)
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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