Chronoclysm Input and Clarity Update

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
I'm listening and what I've heard is "what do these buttons do". I underestimated how much I assumed this stuff could be just figured out. So I went ahead and made some changes to make things clearer with input. My bad guys, sorry.

• Player1 Input's displayed first thing after logo (skippable with enter)
• Hovering over players at sign in screen will display inputs
• Fixed bug where pressing esc cleared but did not reset inputs.
• Challenges explicitly say which button performs quick restart (not just func2)
• Classes now display stats at class select screen
• Found a few sounds still played when muted. Silenced em but good

Thanks so much for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it, even when it's not so good. I really hope to make those changes. Please feel free to give feedback, or suggestions. Almost all of this patch was courtesy of a redditor who shared some feedback with me. Hope you enjoy!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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