Cavern Kings b27.3.0

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
- Added character "Android (Beta)". Uses a grappling hook instead of jumping. Flying Bracer will increase the maximum length.
- Shelby's midair jump has been replaced with limited flight. Flying Bracer will increase the maximum duration of flight.
- Upon taking damage, player characters now lose control of movement until hitting terrain or jumping.
- When a player is hit by downward knockback while on the ground, that knockback will throw the player into the air instead.
- Raised player knockback velocity cap from 4 units/tick to 7 units/tick.
- Changed the way knockback velocity is capped on players. If the player takes knockback while already moving faster than the knockback cap, the direction will be influenced instead of slowing the player down.
- If moving faster than the walk speed, attempting to walk in the direction of motion will no longer slow the player down to that speed.
- Adjusted timing of player damage flash.

- Fixed Moneyshot powerup using total cash accumulated by the individual player during a run being used instead of the current cash value.
- Fixed Parasite Egg buddy just kinda sitting there doing its own thing.
- Phantom Missile projectile damage is now locked in when it is spawned, and will no longer deal zero damage if the owning player isn't in the room when it deals damage.

- Fixed an issue that prevented Arena Mode from changing the music.

- Fixed issue that prevented chosen co-op input profiles from being used.
- Fixed the sensitivity of gamepad right stick in menus.

- Fixed Cube Golem being treated like a boss monster.
- Fixed several monsters playing extra death sounds, which could add up quite loudly.

- Fixed the TNT Sling using the Drill Cannon's unlock status.

- Fixed the game failing to launch after a recent Steam update.
- Game now saves automatically between floors during single-player Standard mode. Saved game can be loaded from the main menu screen with the "Continue" option. Loading a saved game will delete the file, and the game will not be saved again until the next floor.
- Fixed spike traps not playing a sound when they activate.
- Reduced friction on ice.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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