Fighties Update 11

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Problem causing game to not launch should be fixed.
Online on the mac version might not be working. We will try to fix it.

• Made it so that when the shooter shoots within smoke the bullets give more damage and are different color.
• Ninja can pick up shuriken to refill stamina.
• Improved punching puppets attack hit boxes.
• Owl gets stunned if their knife gets hit.
• Decreased Trickster attack speed.
• Removed send type option for online multiplayer.

• Fixed bug where pixel effects on item pickup were small.
• Fixed some of the achievements not being given.
• Fixed bomber throwing bombs in to walls.
• Fixed bomber costume drawing positions.
• Improved ai path finding.
• Fixed joystick always pressing up.
• Fixed arcade 2 playing same song over and over.
• Fixed poison death animation online bug.
• Fixed poison win animation online bug.
• Fixed survival results screen showing wrong highscore.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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