Sky Rogue Alpha 26.2 Released!

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
This version is mostly bugfixes and minor additions, but also adds basic CUSTOM MISSION support. Check out the Workshop for missions to download, or check out the Modding Guide to find out how to make your own.

Alpha 26.2 Changelog:

- "Beginner Controls" have been greatly changed to be a lot more inutitive to use, less disorienting, and work better with mouse controls.

- Custom Missions - See the Official Modding Guide for how to create them
- Engine audio - you can assign custom engine audio to your aeros, consult the Guide for details

- Zoom key (default Z)
- "Clear all" button in bindings menu (it does NOT clear menu button bindings, so you won't lock yourself out)
- New achievements!
- More info on the fighter chooser screen
- A gunsight appears when you fire your gun with the dedicated gun button, making it easier to aim
- Loading screen: as long as it's visible the game is loading and is not crashing :)

- Loadouts should correctly update their upgrade levels if you look at them immediately after upgrading
- Potential fix for Linux crashes ... it might have something to do with the Steam overlay, so playing the game outside of Steam might also avoid the crash
- AI should do a much better job of not colliding with terrain
- Camera shake is disabled when in the cockpit and flyby camera modes
- Streamlined loadout menu slightly, for example pressing down brings you straight to the bottom slot
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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