Grey Goo Game Patch for February 9, 2016

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
We've got a short and yet performance enhancing patch for you today! We've resolved bugs you've submitted to us since the launch of the Shroud (thank you!!).

Once your game's installation is updated, please be aware that it may take an hour or two for in-game features to show the correct status, including leaderboards, replays, etc.


• Fixed some auto targeting bugs
• Got the RuK to stop the random crazy dance
• Fixed a bunch of silly Squall pushing bugs
• Fixed Human extractor teleporting exploit
• Fixed numerous crashes and UI issues, including observer mode specific ones

Bugs & Issues Fixed
• Beta Squalls are able to push Beta and Human Extractors
• Commando's do not auto-target when mounted on wall pillars in tactical gameplay
• Improper Goo Consume Effect appears when Formless Goo moves over Conduits
• Players are unable to build in specific area after attempting to build on Squall
• Players unable to Save in a Campaign mission
• Points awarded for Achievements are inconsistent with the listed Points in Profile
• Game freezes when pause break key is pressed twice in single player or skirmish

Shroud Specific Fixes
• Shriek randomly stops targeting when auto-targeting in tactical gameplay
• Coda may not be created when two or more fugues attack the same target
• Mimic cannot attack Bastion when targeted
• Mousing over spigots will display the resource drain cursor while an under-construction extractor is selected
• Defensive Shroud AI does not build any Spikes or Aversion Fields
• The 'Researching Upgrades' section now describes the Shroud
• Encyclopedia now correctly describes the Dirge stage two and three

Art Changes
• Additional optimizations on Shroud units that should increase overall performance

Let us know what you think of this very first post-Shroud patch!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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