Soul Axiom Update – 1.0 Release Date

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Official 1.0 Release Date
Hi all, now we’re nearing the end of Early Access development, we’re releasing the last few updates with minor bug fixes and improvements. We now have an official release date of 29 February 2016.. A Leap Day!!
We are still to plan one more update before the release so Early Access contributors still have time to join in the with finishing touches of the game. Gamers will also notice a dramatic reduction in file size originally from around 12GB to a much lower size of just under 5GB. This is mainly down to a major ‘behind the scenes’ optimisation pass.

Operating System
This update will be going live with Windows, Mac and Linux. We had reports of a major visual bug in the previous Linux build so please get in touch via the forums if those problems are still occurring.

Achievement Fixes
* Achievements – Added the missing PEMO in the Hub to achieve Prime Ape
* Achievements – Re-linked the action for Monkey See Monkey Don’t to the achievement
* Achievements – Visitation Rights can now be achieved
* Achievements – Eye Flier can now be achieved
* Achievements – Touching Evil can now be achieved
* Achievements – There and Back Again can now be achieved
* Achievements – Removed the fireplace puzzle achievement in Mansion

Major Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements
* All Endings – Added visual feedback for when you are damaging the Angel
* All Endings – Added Destroy hint for the Angel
* All Endings – Major SFX pass on all ending levels/scenes
* All Endings – Fixed some animation issues with the chair in the offices
* All Endings – Added SFX for the Angel shield powering on and off
* Volcano – Improved hints on the gun and Angel
* Volcano – Destroy projectiles can now leave the Ship boundary
* Volcano – Fixed an issue causing the Destroy to fire up instead of forward
* Volcano – Improved the flow of the Gun puzzle
* Fixed bright white visual artifacts in various areas in Linux build
* Fixed a Corrupt Warzone death bug
* Fixed an issue causing you to fall through the Apartment

Minor Bug Fixes and Gameplay Improvements
* Fixed an issue causing the player not to achieve the Corrupt Power if leaving the Forest after unlocking the platform
* Fixed various missing SFX issues
* Fixed an issue causing the game to freeze after the Corrupt Beach
* Fixed an issue causing the boat to leave without you in the Beach
* Fixed an issue with the water cannons not coming on in Warzone
* Replaced some old Corrupt Nodes from Corrupt levels
* Balanced the SFX for Corrupt power for improved feedback when activating Nodes
* Fixed bright white visual artifacts in Elysian Fields
* Fixed an issue with areas of the Hub disappearing
* Expanded the click detection area for the Corrupt Console in Hub
* Fixed some collision and clipping issues on the level portals in Hub
* Fixed the Play hint for the arrow puzzle in Jungle
* Fixed SFX issues with the alarm in the lighthouse of the Beach
* Adjusted Blue Duck position so you aren’t forced into it
* Removed an invisible wall in University
* Fixed an issue with the hint particles on the moon pieces of Mansion
* Fixed various room/object clipping issues in Mansion
* Fixed various clipping issues with the Apartment
* Fixed an issue with the box reappearing in the Apartment
* Fixed an issue with the hints disappearing on the green console in Apartment
* Fixed some collision issues in Winter HQ
* Fixed an issue with the first puzzle in Evil Forest not accepting the correct code
* Fixed collision issues on the emitter in Evil Forest

We’re nearly at the very end and we’d like to thank you all once again for your incredible contribution to the development. Some of you may have already seen this hilarious fan made blue ducky video but for those of you who haven’t, check it out!

This isn’t the first time someone’s picked up on the blue ducky fan art, check out this cool game photography by Flauros Geek Photography!

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Cheers! Wales Interactive Team
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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