Tentative Release Window

By doomful, 2 years ago
Hey everyone!

I figured I should stop by and give a long overdue update on the progress I've been making. To avoid overcomplicating it... I've made a lot of progress. In fact, I just finished the final piece of environment art for the game! Even better, the only gameplay element remaining is the final boss.

In light of that, I am comfortable posting a tentative release window. My goal is to have the game "complete", aside from cinematics (which are in progress) by the end of the year. I feel that's actually very, very doable and I'm really hoping to be there sooner than that. Once I get to that point, I'll be pushing out an update with all the levels for the early access supporters. Then, I'll spend some time gathering final feedback and balancing things out/improving the "fun" factor that has been neglected while I was in content hell.

After a bit of that, and with the final cinematics complete, the game will then be set to released. I expect that to be somewhere in the Jan/Feb window. I could probably rush it out for December, but A) rushing at this point would be stupid, and B) I'm pretty sure releasing in December is a recipe for being lost below the Steam noise-floor.

Anyway, that's where things are. It's been a long, slow, grindy road, but its coming to an end. Can't wait for everyone to see how the game came out, and to get to spend some time making it fun, instead of just desperately trying to get it finished.

So... yeah... back too the coal-mine for me. There's digging to do.