More Quests, More Bugs

By doomful, 1 year ago
Thanks to IndieGala there's been a surge of new bug reports and testers. I appreciate the support you guys are providing me so StoryMode can become a bigger, better game.

Over the weekend I patched up a few reported bugs, and I patched up a few more today as well. To summarize some of the changes

• The new collision dynamics has been improved (though is not perfect yet)
• Enemies can now drop more than one item (Especially big enemies)
• Big and small enemies can no longer drop equipment
• Add descend quests
• Fixed some achievements
• Fixed a few crash bugs regarding training

It appears the error dialog pop-up was not functional for most people, so instead the system has been changed to automatically create a log file in the game's installation directory whenever it crashes. This should also fix the error where the game would disappear but would still be "open" according to Steam. So now you will no longer have to go through steps to set up a debug environment through command line to track errors. Hopefully now reporting errors will be easier.

Thanks for the feedback