Swiftly Update #1 + Free Soundtrack

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Well, since there was so many criticisms, I tried to fix at least the major problems.


• The soundtrack does not restart upon death now (the main problem, right)
• Support for WASD
• We are working on customizable controls and controller support, until then we added support for WASD. Btw if there are people who use IJKL or something like that, let us know.
• Level number added to bottom left on each level
• Redefined wall jumping. The square is considered as touching the wall until 0.5 seconds after leaving the wall, making wall jumping significantly easier.
• Short introductions to new level mechanics were added.

Fixed Bugs
• The achievement for 25th level
• A trail renderer that was present in Level 10

Those are the changes for now. Still, we feel bad because we annoyed the people who bought this game and got disappointed because of the above reasons. The best we can do, as compensation, is to give the soundtrack away for free. Probably a lot of people have already developed a special hatred for the soundtrack, but in case you haven't, it can be found at Swiftly/Soundtrack in your Steam Library.

We are using Unity's 2D physics, so if you are having problems with the physics, there is little we can do, but we will rewrite the controls to make physics interactions easier. Until then, please bear with us.

Also, for the negative reviewers, please reconsider your review if this update removed your problems.

Thanks for your cooperation, and happy platforming!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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